Hi from NY!

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  1. Hi I have a few questions about the Rims/Tires that I want to buy, can anyone tell me if I can put 17inch rims/tires on my Mustang - it has 16inch rims/tires (stock) - my mechanic doesn't recommend it in case it throws my transmission and something else off yet bullit rims company says it will be fine............anyone have any answers - much appreciated !
  2. what year mustang do you have?
  3. It is 2008 :)
  4. welcome aboard
  5. If the rim vendor says that the rims will fit then they should be fine. The issue you might have with going to a larger wheel is potentially throwing off your speedometer readings. If the overall diameter of the rim/tire is the same as the current setup then it should not make any difference to your speedo.