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  1. Hi gang,

    I just picked up my first Mustang on Tuesday night. I've been driving a 99 Cougar for awhile and have decided to "donate" it to my 2 teenage daughters, so I decided to get myself a 98 GT convertible. 80,400 miles and in awesome condition. I don't know the cars history, but it appears to have had some exhaust work...I have not been able to take a close look yet, but the exhaust note is much louder and richer than any stock 4.6L's I've heard. Under the hood someone has added a cold air intake, a few chrome bits and some braided stainless hoses. The car has a slight lope at idle...I don't know if this a mild cam, or if something else is causing it...there is no hesitation or other indications of a problem that might go with a rough idle, so I'm not sure what to think.

    Future mods will likely be some new wheels. I like the look of something very classic like the Chrome Bullitt's in a staggered setup. I'll also probably do LED's all around like I did on my Cougar and replace the headlights with some type of projector/halo setup. Thinking about an "arch" for when the top is down and a boot as well. Other than that I'll probably not do too much else...maybe a set of springs to drop 1.5" as I like the hunkered down/squatty look.

    Everyone likes to see pics, so here are a few of the old Cougar and the new Stang.






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  2. My favorite stock wheels on that body. Just lower it and you are done. Welcome aboard!
  3. I may just do that...and space the rear wheels out so they fill out the fender better. I do actually like the stock wheels fairly well, I've just never been one to keep stock wheels on anything...even the family mini van got aftermarket wheels, LOL!
  4. welcome aboard. I bet the girls are happy!
  5. Thanks. Yes they are pretty excited. One is a Mustang fanatic so she thinks she should get the Stang, LOL...overall I think they are doing pretty well for a first car with the Cougar. It's only a 2.0L and has 149K on it, but it beats the heck out the '75 Granada I had for a first car!