Hood clearance with 93 Cobra intake??

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  1. I'm putting a 93 Cobra intake on. Does that leave me any more room underneath than the Edelbrock Perfromer intake? I'm asking because I'd like to put on a set of Motorsport covers that wouldn't fit before. I'm going to put the oil fill on the back end of the passanger side cover (egr's been removed). If I use even a 1/2" intake spacer, I think the intake will hit the hood since it's already taller. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for the help.
  2. Mine rubs the liner under the hood. It's starting to wear on the Cobra plate on top.
  3. Thats a 93 Cobra your doing??? That means your doing Fox TB??? Some of the below will apply IF your running the adapter ????

    Will the oil fill work on the drivers side??? that was my thought to...that was a no-go...Maybe the 93 Cobra is narrower and will give the clearance??
    Plus does the 93 have that corner nipple to feed the PCV, thats what killed me doing that...Depends on where the oil fill hole is???

    I just did an Explorer....i have Chrome VCs, they're like 3 3/4" tall...it did clear them without a spacer...BUT...I did have to "massage" the VCs here and there....The TPS was just touching by the oil fill....the EGR was the same, i had the Mac adapter....and the nipple on the drivers side that feeds the PCV hit a touch...you can see some "dimpling" in the pic.. :mad:

    I still have the hood blanket in place too...

    Some of this may apply for what its worth....I'm swapping to a Fox TB set-up to clean things up on the pass side...

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  4. couple more "dimples"...I may very well swap these out over the Winter...

    Drivers....dimple for the nipple out back...'

    Pass.......by the oil fill hole...plastic on bottom TPS was problem....Like I said..This was using the Mac adapter...and Eddy/FMS/TF adapter may not do the same???

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  5. Looks good Rio. I'm in the process of installing my GT40P heads/headers and 97 Explorer intake/TB myself.
  6. Tom....So you tore it down... :banana:

    I have to scab in the TPS wires and figure the CAI...Kinda at a standstill with the CAI...Its a long run to the MAF in the fender??? Don't want some crazy looking set-up???

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  7. I kept the stock TPS and just drilled the TPS holes a little larger to accomidate the slightly wider Explorer TB TPS mounting bolts.