how are the blue oval headlights?

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  1. BOI has repro lights for 100$ looks nice.

    anyone use them before. i really need to replace mine. they are YELLOW and there in so much moisture inside them there are water droplets!
  2. 50Resto had a 6 piece set for $80 IIRC.

    I bought mine from 50Resto and they are nice looking, but Im having a hard time getting them adjusted right. Get some OEM Headlights w/ Repro Corners.
  3. I bought a 12pc set from BlueOval. Nice lights, been on little over a year now with no yellowing or condensation build-up. I did run a bead of flowable silicone sealant around the seams though.
  4. If it were me I would spend the extra 20 bucks and get OEMs from PPI.
  5. there good lights i run them... just make sure you seal them... really should do that with any lights u have!
  6. I am looking for a new set also. Who is PPI??
  7. What are you, a noob or seomthing?

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  8. Yeah i've got those headlights also. It does take some time to get them adjusted but they do adjust pretty nicely. Park on flat ground pointing at a flat wall in the pitch dark and start adjusting. Take it for a test drive and see if they're to low or high, if so, pull back up to the wall and make the proper adjustment. After a few attempts you'll have them perfect.
  9. I got some from mustangs unlimited....they look nice but I haven't installed them yet........haven't even seen my car since October
  10. OK I am dumb.... :):)
    Who is PPI ????????????????????:flag: