How common are front bench seats??

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  1. How common are front bench seats in a 68' mustang coupe? I am just curious to see if this is common in a 289 coupe or if some installed a bench seat in the front before i purchased it.
  2. It was an option for them to put it in. They're not as common as the bucket seats but it's not super rare either. It was probably ordered from the original owner of the car so you can assume its original. I am not sure how many bench-seat stangs came out in 68 but im sure theres a website with details.
  3. golf4283 is right on it was a option,Years ago I came very close buying one with the bench seats .I worked in Norwood Ohio building the camaro and firebird we built quite afew with the bench seats and also column shift that was a option also
  4. I dont have exact production numbers to give you, but the bench seat in the mustang was a rare option. Most had the buckets. I am speaking about coupes. I beleive bench seats were more common on convertibles.
  5. I do not know how accurate this information is but according to "The Complete Book of Mustang" there were:

    1079 fastbacks with a standard bench seat
    256 fastbacks with a delux bench seat

    6113 coupes with a standard bench seat
    853 coupes with a delux bench seat

    0 convertibles with a bench seat
  6. I'm taking from your user name that you have a '68. If your door tag is original and the body code says 65C, then yes, the bench is original to your car. The 65 denotes body style (coupe) and the C denotes a bench seat. An A denotes standard buckets and a B denotes Pony interior. A D denotes a deluxe interior with a bench in '68.

  7. my 67 has a bench....I dont know about the other years, but there were just over 8000 total in 67 with them.....makes em pretty rare....but not that desirable. THEY ARE COOL and I would not trade mine for buckets. You sit more snug in the seat and the center armrest acts like lumbar support or gives you something to lean on while cruising around trying to look cool! :D
  8. Probably faily rare today, but not a real rare thing in 1968. Most owners, whether past or present ripped them out for the more sporty look of buckets. I bet a bench out of an old Falcon would fit if anyone was interested.
  9. My '65 coupe was originally a bench seat car, some PO put a set of standard buckets in it. A Code, factory front discs, bench seat, I think I calculated that my car was one of 14,000 some odd with that combo. That's not including the factory air, vinyl top, 3-speed, and gold paint.
  10. i had a bench seat in a '67 289 coupe. it was cool!
  11. I have a 68 with a bench seat. The car orginally came with a six, but the owner before me put an 289 in it. Its aqua green with black top. Needs paint and the seat needs to be redone.Told the wife this car was rare with this seat and this thread proves it....

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