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  1. How about a nice set of aftermarket that a no no too? lol just kidding

  2. heck no. i just love keeping cars semi stock functioning. modding the drivetrain is way cool but im seeing more and more gutted race car foxes and its getting rediculous.
  3. let me poke my $2.92 in here real quick. pros of fuel injection.... if you drive daily with a reasonable cam and have oh.... 1500ft of altitude variance and 40 degrees of temperature shift at any given time then yes efi will out preform a carb every time. boosted car? sure efi all day. cons... some people like to be able to see both valve covers or are ocd about symmetry or find $500 for an intake to just be a rude asking price. not to mention MAF TB EGR spacer injectors fuel rails ect. with a carb yes you have to tune it if you dont know how then its something new for you to learn (kinda the point of modding in the first place). and with heavy mods or bigger injectors you have to have efi tuned too.

    im not saying that a efi isn't more practical but if we were to do everything the practical way we would all just drive honda civics. i enjoy tinkering with my car and carbs are perfectly reliable i would say more so than efi (in the which is more likely to leave you on the side of the hwy category). and i understand that some of you like to just in your 500hp turbo'd foxes and turn the key and go without so much as a warm up and that is perfectly fine. but please dont bash us grease monkeys that enjoy big cubes and secondaries. that same breath i TOTALY agree with JR. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO A CARB SWAP (or anything for that matter) DO IT TASTEFULLY!!!

  4. I know this is an old thread but I have a question .

    I have an 89 and the black plug doesn't have a tan green wire, I did find the tan/green at the relay. can I just snip the tan/green at the relay and ground it?

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  5. I see you are New here.
    So First thing- Welcome to Stangnet :)
    Second thing- as you already know, you have been digging up Old threads ,the main thing to know about old threads is that most of the members have more than likely left the forum and will not reply.
    My recommendations to you would be: go to the fox forum and post your own thread asking these questions . There are plenty of helpful guys there with tons of carb knowledge :)
    Again welcome to Stangnet
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  6. I got an 89 and that tan/green wire is nothin but trouble.
  7. I have a question: why convert an EFI car to carb? Is the a strip/race track car only?
  8. Says the Hawk,.....ready to swoop down on the mouse........
  9. I thinks he gots scared away
  10. Don't worry the Book of Face will have plenty of misinformation for him to hack the car with.

    What an old thread.