How much does the V6 Mustang weigh?

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  1. Hi guys, I have two questions for you. I'd like to know how much the v6 model weighs. I looked on Ford's websight and I can't find it anywhere.
    Also, is it true that the v6 engine has forged internals? I heard that somewhere, but once again, Ford's websight says nothing.
  2. No to the forged internals... they have hyperpathetic pistion... LOL!

    Mine weighed in around 3470... I think...

    Here this PDF might come in handy!
  3. Hey man, thanks for the info sheet. But, you will have to re-read it. It says right there that you have aluminum pistons, and forged connecting rods.

  4. Well... the piston are those lousy hypereutectic pistons... I know that for a fact... trust me on this one! LOL!

  5. I've just been curious lately. I've seen used 05 and 06 v6 models selling for $15,500. I love the new body. And I figured if the car doesn't weigh that much and really does have forged internals, then hell, that's the best deal. Buy one and bolt on the Vortech kit or the other company who offers a turbo.
    That gives you a light weight car, reliable engine, reduced insurance rates, and lower up-front cost over the GT. And it's something I could drive year round without feeling guilty.

    Here is the dealer that has these low priced cars. They have been in business for years and nobody can beat them in the area.
  6. Well... the piston are those lousy hypereutectic pistons... I know that for a fact... trust me on this one! LOL!

    Wow! I guess you would know if they were really using Hyper-You-Blew-It pistions. I wonder if there fact sheet is wrong, or if they made a change? Damn.
  7. I love my Vortech!!!! LOL!


  8. Congradulations on that yellow V6. Well done. That is exactly the route I would go if I buy one. How do you like it? Is that your everyday driver?
    I have a 2001 GT with just a Vortech 9lb. on it. The car runs great. I bought it new and have had the blower on it for about 4 years with no issues. The only problem is that after owning the car for this many years, I'm getting a little tired of it.
    I really love the new body and i believe that the supercharged V6's will give my GT a run for the money. That is why I'm starting to think about what the next best move might be. I think you hit the nail on the head.
  9. LOL that engine looks like burning. I wont be mucking around with nitrous on my poor v6. I had no plans for it in the first place and after your hindsight offering here developing any plans for it on an engine with stock internals has become unthinkable.

    Hypereutectic pistons should be used with caution when running a higher boost pressures with a turbo charger or super charger to an engine.....and its just flat out right scary with nitrous.
  10. Did you know GT's and Vettes have the same pistions? A lot of it is in the quality of the tune.
  11. YEP! the second owners will be doing plenty of Hot-rodding to these little cars.

    :flag: great cars for our next generation :flag:

    I can see crate motor V8's and trick/built High-Rev V6 monsters in the very near future.

  12. I wanna say mine weighed in at 3340lbs. (I have access to a truck scale at work) And sadly my 69 coupe with a 351c weighed slightly less.... But thats soon to change with some of the new goodies.