Fox How Rare.. 79 Turbo With Trx ?

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time finding out how rare a car is, it's a 79 I found for sale, the owners parked it a long time ago and said it did run when parked. It's got the turbo, and he said it has the metric wheels and the aluminum drums?

    Mileage is unknown. He said it's rusty, and that it needs restored. Hey older and doesn't care to even take pics of the car for me or send me the VIN. He said just come look at it... I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a crap anymore and just wants it gone.

    Any info or advice? He wants a grand for it, and I would love to pick it up and restore it to it's former glory if it's rare enough. If it's nothing special then obviously it's not even worth a grand.

  2. If it's a cobra or pace car they are rare, not rare enough for a ground up resto imho. They just don't carry the value for a total restoration, and 79-82 parts are really hard to get in good condition.
  3. Sorry to say it's not much of a mustang as far as a starting point for performance, and as a collector item it's not going to demand any more than other mustangs of it's day. Any Fox body pre 85 is pretty much worthless unless it's a pace car, SVO, or maybe a low mile turbo .
  4. I may go see it and get pics just for the check of it. If it's a cobra or a pace car then I may buy it and attempt to restore it slowly
  5. or a notch with a T-TOp