How to convert Mustang dyno #'s to dynojet #'s

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  1. Hey guys. I'll be hitting the dyno pretty soon and I'm wondering if there's so kind of "formula" that is out there to convert the Mustang dyno#'s to dynojet #'s. Since we only have Mustang dyno's around here, I understand my #'s will be lower :(

    And as an OT, I'm very anxious to see if the Fox TB conversion did something or not. I dont have numbers before but we still should be able to see if I'm a little over average. I know it's been a while since I drove the stang because of winter but it feels faster for sure. Might be just in my head but I dont think so. I switched from a BBK 70mm to a Holley 75mm, ported the opening of my upper Performer to 75mm, and have a true CAI to the inside of the fender. No more exposure to the heat from the engine bay or pretty much so.

    It's also hard for me to tell the difference because I also bought some cheap tires for my stock waffles wheels for daily driving and they suck..They simply dont hook at all. Anywhere at any rpm in 2nd gear at WOT and the rear swings (sometimes in 3rd). So I cant see how the torque really feels since I'm always losing traction. I really miss my BFG dr's. :(

    ok back to the thread. Is there a formula or something ? :D
  2. I don't think there is a standard formula. From what I've seen said on the net some places calibrate their mustang dynos high to read closer to that of a dynojet and some places don't... :shrug:
  3. Mustang Dyno numbers ARE real numbers IMO. But they usually read 11-14% less then a dynojet, or I should say a dynojet reads 11-14% more then a mustang dyno.
  4. Yeah it is a little confusing..Most people that dyno on this board I think all went to a dynojet. I'm expexting about 300rwhp and 325pds/tq based on similar combos, and trap speed. But those numbers are dynojet numbers so mine should be lower with the mustangdyno..