How to get that satin black look?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a 93 mustang 2.3 that's currently the stock silver color. I have been doing some mods this winter and cant wait to drive it this spring, but before I do, I would like to paint it that satin/flat black color. i think it looks really good on cars and was wondering how you guys would do it. I'm not too fussy about finish, but I want it to last for a few years. Should I take it to Macco and let them do it for cheap? is there a better way to do it myself besides painting it with just primer? Have any of you guys done this and maybe post some pics of your cars? Any info would help. Thanks Guys!
  2. Well if you just want a flat black I would use a real sprayer, but you can always rattle can it.
  3. From what I hear dont use PRIMER without a coat of paint on top. Primer isnt made to just be left on car without another coat on it. Moisture will actually seep through and cause the car to rust. I just used flat black and it looks good.(like black primer) Now if your just going to scuff the paint up and use primer thats fine but dont sand to the metal, primer and leave primered. Thats my 2cents :shrug:
  4. do you by chance have any pics of your car post paint job? and what brand of paint did you use?
  5. i dont know how to post a pic or a sig so heres where you can see it

    mustang picture by tomrzk22 - Photobucket
  6. IMO, using a satin or flat color makes a car look primered and unfinished, especially on late models. The only thing missing is patchy spots of Bondo.

    I have had decent results using Rustoleum satin black. I use it it to shoot the roof of my '68 to make it look less crappy after I peeled the rotting vinyl off. The problem is that it starts to oxidize and turn chalky after about six to eight months. If you want a satin that will last, it needs to be a UV-resistant automotive paint.
  7. Yep...flat and satin black do not hold up to the elements.

    I found that out with my old mustang. I used to paint the side mirrors flat black every year because they kept bleaching out to an almost gray color.

    I finally painted them gloss black and didn't have to touch them for more than 2 years. Did the same thing on my Thunderbird and the mirrors still look pretty good 5 years after I painted them.
  8. well thanks for your help guys, ill probably hold off on the paint job for a while, but appreciate the help, and the car looks good 4turboho!
  9. thanks man shes coming along :nice:
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  12. I guess i forgot to read what year.I only was trying to help that guy learn how to post pics from Photobucket.:)