How To Install Headlights & Foglights.Part 1.***tons of pics***

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  1. we all know what our old headlights and foglights look like.

    here's what i went with.
    (mine came with clear corners,these are the same,only with amber corners)
    Chrome Mustang Headlights (94-98) at - Free Shipping!

    and foglights.

    a few days before install,i sealed both the fogs and headlights per these instructions.
    How to Seal your Ford Mustang Headlights - Video Installation Instructions at

    here's how they came out.

    here we go.

    Tools needed.

    1-3/8 drive ratchet
    1-15mm socket
    1-1/2 inch deep socket
    1-small extension

    1-1/4 drive ratchet
    1-5/32 socket

    1-large screwdriver

    1-needle nose plier

    1.disconnect neg cable from battery with a 1/2 inch wrench.

    2.remove plastic radiator cover.remove all plastic push pins and set aside.

    3.with 7/16 wrench,remove nut securing turn signal.

    4.from side of car,grasp light at edge,

    5.and pull straight toward you.

    6.disconnect wire and set light aside.

    Now for headlights.

    7.with large screwdriver.pry out metal clip.

    8.with a needle nose plier,compress the plastic tabs and push through header panel.
    1 here...

    and another here.i used the large screwdriver as it as a little tight to fit the plier in.

    9.pull headlight out,and disconnect wire.set aside.

    10.heres what were left with.

    Fog lights.

    11.with T-10 bit,remove 2 screws.

    12.and pull out through opening.(be careful not to scratch up the bumper)
    disconnect wire,set aside.

    13.heres whats left.

    Fog light install

    Now,with the black plastic lining(below)around the fog lights,i found it very hard to install them with out scratching up the bumper.

    i decided to try from under the car,behind the bumper.i found it easier.

    14.block rear wheels,jack up car,place on jack stands.

    15.with 15mm ratchet,remove nut securing foglight mounting bracket from car.

    16.with 1/2 inch wrench,remove plastic foglight mount from metal mounting bracket.

    17.and attach plastic mount to foglight using 2 T-10 screws.
    dd671469.jpg metal bracket back on car with 15mm nut.

    19.before installing foglight,bend plastic liner into this shape.
    it slides between the plastic bumper cover and metal backing.

    20.from behind bumper,slip foglight in place.
    place plastic mount between the tabs on the metal bracket.
    slide long bolt through and tighten with 1/2 inch socket and ratchet.
    connect wire.

    21.foglights done.


    22.i'm reusing my old bulbs.
    place on flat surface.

    23.on old lights,turn collar counter clock wise,set aside.we will only be reusing the bulbs.

    24.pull bulb straight out.
    e3933aec.jpg in new light(it only goes in one way)
    from the hardware that came with the new lights,place metal "spring" over bulb.
    aaf63673.jpg collar on bulb,push down and turn clockwise til secure.

    27.before installing new lights,turn the adjusters til they match the adjusters on the old headlights.
    this will get them close,so you will only have to make minor adjustments to get the headlights aimed right.

    28.connect wire to bulb.

    29.line up adjusters with holes in header panel.

    30.and place on slides on the header panel.

    31.and push in til plastic tabs engage in the header panel.

    32.reinstall metal clip,and push down into place.

    33.heres what we got.

    Turn signal. on flat surface.

    35.turn counter clockwise and pull out.
    83cebb23.jpg in new housing and turn clockwise til secure.

    37.connect wire.
    line up guides with holes in header panel.

    38.from side of car,push in til it "pops" into place.
    3b852eaa.jpg 7/16 nut with your wrench.
    DONT OVERTIGHTEN!!!you will crack the header panel(i did:()
    just snug up.
  2. Now all in one post. :D

    Came out great BTW. Really makes teh car look new.
  3. Thank's,and thank's :nice:
  4. i like those headlights, look great... i got the BOI smoked, but i might go AM smoked next time, the same as urs just obviously... smoked lol..

    heres my question, long story short... when i purchased my car the owner prior to me had one fog light installed due to it being in an accident, i ripped it out that weekend... 3 yrs later im ready to put my cobra smoked fogs in... where do they get mounted to?

    thanks man!
  5. Look at picture #33 after the parts list where the headlight and fog are in but not the corner.... What's the little bubble thing in the corner of the HEADLIGHT near the grille? I have these lights and can't figure out what the purpose is and they have a little flat spot on the backside that would be perfect for drilling a hole and putting an LED in or something. :shrug:
    I can't decide if that would look cool or not. Or what color(I know red and blue are illegal though)
  6. the foglight bracket (blue arrows) mount to the bumper is hidding behind the rad support.
    i think there should already be holes there for the bracket.
  7. lol yeah i was trying to figure out the angling in the picture, i was turning my head every which way trying to figure out which way the picture was taken... so on the back of the bumper support... hmmm maybe ill take a stab at it tomorrow... ill j ust need to get a few screws since i dont have any for them
  8. looks a million times better, great write up as well(and the only one ive seen for sn-95 cars!), saves me the headache of trying to figure it out on my own and no doubt breaking something, definatly book marking this one!
  9. good thread!
  10. What about the corner lights -- do you seal them too? The ones I bough have huge gaps on the bottom.
  11. yep,sealed those aswell.

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  12. Excelllent thread!!!!!!

    A question to any of the guys who have "smoked" crystal headights which is the way I'm going. Do they effect the power of the light beam at all? If' they do I'm probably just going to go with regular crystal becasue I dont really want to add in the HID.
    Thanks in advance