how well will it age

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  1. something i've really been on the fence about, and kind of interested in others opinions. How well do you think this new body style will age compared to the s197 and prior models. As a car enthusiast when looking back at 10+ year old models some i think "god that beautiful" and other "what where they thinkin". When it comes to the s197 I'm still infatuated by every aspect. I've been staring at pictures of the new body style now for the better part of a week and i'm having some concerns.
    1. exterior is mostly tip top but what about the round top corners of the rear?
    2. I love the front but whats up w/ not painting the pillars along side the head light?
    3. the biggy the interior "center stack" I think that is going to date these cars the worst, looks like something straight out of the 80's. Again maybe when i sit in one it will win me over, i don't know
    4. the dark on light gauges, Please some one point out for me another car that came stock w/ white gauges w/ black numbers that is historically considered a pretty car.

    these are minor thing, but i'm curious what others thoughts where on these.
  2. i agree, although i have no complaints about the interior. i think that if the interior looks like that when they get mass produced, it will be awesome. my concern is just about the "futuristic" exterior. the front and the back are new, but the midsection looks like an s197. i think id like it better with a 4 valve 5.0
  3. In case you've all forgotten, the 2010 is not a completely new model, nor design. But is nothing more than just a restyle of the current S-197.

    Therefore, the new 2010 Mustang, is still an S-197 !
  4. Yup this is just like the update with the sn95 from the 94 style to the 99 style.
  5. i think too a 5.0 4 valve :drool: would blind me of any imperfection. But you really have to hand it to ford they but a tough mark to beat w/ the current model!

    A quick side question, if the current body style and new body style are both s197's what is the "code name" or what ever for the new body style (so i don't always have to reference them as "old" and "new") thanks,
  6. lol. maybe a New Edge s197


    Other points brought up in this thread.

    I don't like. But most of the rear of the car is a disaster to me anyway.

    That's a good question. As it looks very "unfinished" to me as well.

    I actually love every bit of the interior.

    This is what to me, separates this transition apart from the sn95 to new edged sn95. As the interior stayed basically the same from 94-04!

    The quality and finish of this new interior looks great.

    Which svt didn't have this set up? or similar updated style.

    Just thought I would respond to a few things.

  7. The model name, has always been referred to as S-197. As the chassis/platform itself, also hasn't changed and is still known as D2C. As for code name for the new body style is concerned ? Technically speaking, there isn't one. However if your looking for a nickname, then why not just call it "New Edge S-197" :shrug:
  8. Your exactly 100% right on the money. :nice:
  9. I like "new edge s197" we can role w/ that! :)

    As far as white on black gauges i never thought of the svt cars, i always think back to alot of the early 90's GM vehicles. ya i catch some crap for that comment :D