I got a ride today in the mother of all turbo cars...

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  1. Well one of the fringe benefits of working for a Mercedes Dealership is we get all these cool cars to beat on. We got a SL65 6.0L V-12 Biturbo today and had to take it to lunch (predelivery inspection). Let me tell you I've never driven anything that would do a rolling burnout at 65mph until today :banana: . This car kicks A$$, 608rwhp and 748 ft/lbs of torque. I think the torque number is understated. The turbos put out 2.5bar at 2k rpm. 0-100 in about 10sec or less.
    I've never been scared of a car until now. We got it off the truck from the dock - the window sticker said "welcome to the top of the food chain".

    Just thought I'd post - I'll have some pictures when I get home to upload the camera.

  2. You are gonna lose your job, LOL.

    Bring on those pics, I hope you got a pic of the engine! :nice:
  3. i raced one of those down in newport (read:richville) man did i lose, and it was still parked!

    Also the AMG 55's are beast, see more of those than the v12/s.
  5. I've never even heard of it. Let's see a pic.
    I think I am becoming more and more domestic the older I get. I think Dodge should grab all the German technology then send them back to their motherland.
  6. pics are to large to post i'll find a website to post them on soon
  7. www.photobucket.com it will resize them for you so you can post them here for me to see. FREE!!!!! Go Post Now