Mach 1 I have a Mach 1 but I dont really like the Shaker

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Saleen311, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. I kinda want to get rid of it. The hood that is

  2. You could take it off, and put on a regular cobra cai, and put on a Cobra r(95 style) hood. Im with you, I love the car, but the scoop can go.,

  3. :eek: What? Well its kinda funny since alot of people spend big $$ to put those on their cars. Sell it and get somthng nice.
  4. Did you see that thread on Mach1Registry? In the General Discussion section page 4 halfway down the page titled "Check Out This Mach". The guy replaced his hood with a huge Cowl Hood. It looks really good but I think the hood is just alittle too tall. I can't imagine in my wildest dreams getting rid of the Shaker and hood, but as always, it's your ride.
  5. I like the Mach 1 hood, but I think that ford whould have made the shaker a little bit larger. It looks too small inside the hood.
  6. I think it fits just right, its the 05+s using the same size scoop that look small, IMO.
  7. That scoop is based on an old school design from 60s Mustangs, I think they even use the old casting molds...
  8. The scoop itself is a direct replacement on a 69 Mach I belive. Both CDC and OEM shakers just need a tray to bolt right up to a classic.
  9. I don't see how you could NOT like the shaker... that's part of what makes a Mach 1 what it is. Without the shaker, it looks just like every other Mustang on the road. :rolleyes:

    But do what you want... go ahead and spend close to a grand on a new hood, and new cold air. :nonono:
  10. if i did something it would be a kb twinscrew with the same hood, no scoop. in place would be a tinted window for viewing pleasure.
  11. Why do you have a Mach if you don't like the shaker? Sell it. Buy a Cobra or a GT, then put whatever hood you want on it.
    I have a Mach, and it gets attention and positive comments because the shaker catches their eye. It gets noticed more than most Cobras.
  12. 4V, I like the seats. 5 Speed. Good price. So, why would I want to sell it and get a GT and then put a new hood on that???

  13. If you want to get rid of the shaker, how much would you take? I have been wanting one to put onto my 2002 Ford Explorer but cannot find any that are affordable.
  14. wait, what!?

    what are you talking about. keeping the shaker would be a smart thing to do... but like everyone else says, it's your car... i for one think the shaker looks badass x10000000000000000000000000
  15. You could have purchased an '01 Cobra, had all those things, and not had to put up with that horrible, disgusting shaker hood and scoop.:notnice:
  16. If I couldve found one with low miles I probably would have bought it.
  17. Shaker is no faker

    Tests with the scoop that in the quarter mile and other tests the cars actually finished a couple of tenths better than they would without the scoop. You can also use the scoop to your advantage. Get a shaker raiser kit,, and put the scoop higher up into the air steam allowing for more air to come into it, and you can also get a Ram air kit that compliments the ram air functionality of the scoop and doesn't take away it's primary function , but instead give it more horsepower. The Ram air kit I got was the JLT Rai. If you still don't like the shaker, then I reccomend just replacing it with a roots type supercharger, like Eaton or Kenne Bell, haha.
  18. Option

    Or you could just get one of the new saleen hoods, that look amazing, that are made with heat extractors, or vents, which actually do the motor a favor. Its made of light weight fiberglass, just paint it and put on. They're a little pricey, but worth it, yet I'd just try and find one for a lot less on ebay.
  19. I too say that if you don't like the shaker you should trade it in for a Cobra.