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  1. I dont know when and i dont know where but i lost the keys 2 the stang 2day.So the first thing i did was called up a :lock: lock smith to see how much a door and a igntion key would cost; the cheapest i could find was $150.Being broke at the momment i wont have that much money for awhile.So i thought of just getting a new igntion lock cyclinder and key ,because it would be way cheaper,and just put them in myself. But i dont know how,thats where i need the help can some1 show me how maybe with pics; or should i just pay the 150 that i dont have
  2. There's a ring nut holding the ignition switch in, that's all. You can unscrew it with a flat head screw driver. unscrew it all the way, then pull the switch out from the back. Unplug it, then plug in the new one.
  3. Wow,thank ill get out and try that today!
  4. Just about any old ford key will work. My mother-in-laws 95 dually key works on my 67. Try it, if ya got any other ford keys laying around.
  5. I forgot to ask how do i get the trunk open to replace the lock?

  6. Go through the back seat.
  7. Or heaven forbid, you can also try a crowbar if worse comes to worse :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:
  8. This just got crazy, but there are the spot welds in the back panel that could be drilled out, or just torch out a big hole around the gas tank and crawl up from the bottom, if you weren't blown up. :lol: