I Need A Measurement On Tail Lights

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  1. Since I don't have one,.. can somebody measure the width, height, and depth of a set of fox mustang tail lights. It would be great if you could also take a pic of what the mounting surface looks like w/o the tail lights installed.

    I gotta do something.

  2. Lx lens

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  3. Lol I got treed
  4. Thanks guys,.. Actually I need the measurement with the tails mounted,.. total dimension across. My Fairmont looks to be like 65.5" more or less
  5. Durrrr,....I just looked and realized that each tail light was complete in of itself.

    I thought that there was a third piece that went in between that the plate mounted to. I guess that is just flat sheetmetal.

    So in hindsight,... it doesn't matter how wide my car is,.. as long as there is room to mount that plate.

    I need to eat more brain food.
  6. When you find a set of tail lights, use Kit Scratch Out or the Meguiars equivalent. The Scratch Out works on tail lenses to safety glasses to motorcycle face guards. If it is not in your detailing kit, it should be. As far as plastic headlights, (not on the Gila), I have used Flitz for the haze and worst scratches then Scratch Out for the final polish.
    I learned about these polishes from sax mouthpiece guys, and they are picky about scratches and odors.
  7. Thanks, but for what I'm payin tomorrow,..there better not be so much as a haze on the tail light lens.
  8. You'll want the stuff to polish something even if your new tail lenses are perfect. The next place that comes to my mind is on the gauge face plastic. Anywhere there are gila monsters can not be easy on plastics. Scratch Out is one of those things especially you will find good uses for I am sure.