I Need Help Finding Build Date Of 65 Stang

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  1. Hi I am a new miner and would like to get a door tag for my 65 mustang. I can't afford right now to buy the mustang book in search of mustangs. Is there anyone out there that could help me? My vin is 5r07a171684. Also my daughters is
    5f07f195385. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated thanks d
  2. Without the door tag it will be hard to find the build date , the next best thing would be to find the build sheet ,but that will be just about as hard to do.
    your vin shows as- 1965 -hard top-A code 289 4V
    your lucky daughter's vin shows as 1965 ,however the engine code is F and that is a 260 2V ,your daughter has a 64 1/2 hard top.:banana:get a catalog from Mustangs Plus in Stockton Calif. it has all the codes for all the early years in the back .
  3. Your car was built in January 1965 and your daughters car was built in July 1964.
  4. To pin it down a little close, Your '65 was probably scheduled to be built on 08A and the 64-1/2 was probably scheduled to be built on 10G.
  5. He's asking for a bit of interpolation from the book In Search of Mustangs. I have done this many times, but I don't have the book here. All you need to do is find the nearest VIN and date to what you have, and you should be within a day or two.
  6. The 5F07F195385 car falls between database cars 5F08U195363 and 5F08D195396. Both of those cars were scheduled to be built 10G and both also had a DSO of 71. Car 5R07A171684 was built between cars 5R09C171660 and 5R09C172053. Both of those cars were scheduled to be built on 08A. I have never seen In Search of Mustangs. Is it worth obtaining?
  7. i have 5FO7D111813 it was built 10D it would be great to have more vins for reference such as build dates . bad side of it is anyone will have access to your vin
    mine codes out as 64 1/2- D,289 4V-built 10th day of April 64 . built in Dearborn Mich. with a DSO of 71 -Los Angeles Calif.
  8. Yours is pretty early, mine is a 10 June car. There is a huge database of 64-1/2 through 66 warranty plates. If you have not added yours yet, you can do so without revealing your personal information. I have two of my 65s and my 64-1/2 added into it.
  9. just recently did some work on a Dearborn car , number 100 for a friend
    pretty cool seeing that tag 100100. a first day car
  10. That is pretty cool, I saw 133 about 10 years ago. Car 100 is worth putting the Warranty Plate data into the database!
  11. this one is a convertible .it belongs to Steve Davis of Barrett Jackson. i think it is in Arizona now .