I think I goofed (Pictures)

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  1. So, I've got a 2011 Mustang and I wanted it to be more like a race car. One of the things I was doing was trying to make the dash so it can pop in and out in like, 5 minutes. In the process I messed up the heater blower thingy system in the back a little (there's a radiator or something back there, I didn't realize it and just started tugging on it because I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't come out). Also I've never done wiring before but I tried combining all the wiring under the dash. Well, I made of mess of things. Is there a book or wiring diagram that's like Legos that you guys can post or help me with?




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  2. On a semi-related note, does anybody know what this box is? It says "Scrap if dropped" and I donno if I broke it or how to test it...


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  3. You did all of this to a car that is still under warranty????
  4. Yes, why? Do you think they'll fix it?
  5. Nope. :rlaugh:
  6. This has to be a joke thread!! Right?
  7. So then how do I fix it?
  8. That's what I'm going with... if not... :nonono:

    So... if this is for real, I gotta ask. Why on earth would you pull your car apart like that when you have no clue what you're doing? If this is for real... you do realize that you've completely voided your vehicle warranty, right?
  9. Isn't that just the warranty on the electronics? Everything else should still be under warranty.
  10. That's a touchy topic there. You've cut into lord knows what portions of the vehicle wiring harness there. HVAC, obviously... Engine PCM harness, air bags, chassis electrical, the list can go on and on.

    No service center in their right mind would warrant that mess. So yeah... I'd say it's a goof.

    Taking into consideration the image in your first post, I'll go out on a limb and say that wiring diagram might leave you sitting on the garage floor scratching your head.

    Your best bet... Take to a qualified shop and pay them to put it all back together for you.
  11. Well, I can probably live without heat, this is a sunny day car anyway. I'm pretty sure this wont devalue it much as long as I can get it running again.
  12. You would be wrong.

    Would you purchase a car knowing that someone had done some hack job like this to it? :shrug:
  13. Well, you could always tell them you think it's a blown fuse (why the blower doesn't work).
  14. Tell them that you had to make room for the flux capacitor.
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  15. A what?
  16. Wow--this just can't be a real post. Nobody would be that ...............................................................
  17. I'm having a hard time understanding how this "can't be a real post..."
  18. C'mon?!?! Nobody is picking up on the roll cage???

    Real post (sure enough) but I believe you are gutting it for a race car or something along those lines - though that is quite a mess if you need to tuck it back in ;)
  19. I was wondering when somebody was going to pick up on the cage :p

    Wiring will always look like a mess when you're in the middle of it, no two ways around it. We're switching classes and swapping the 3.7 for a 5.0 and I'm gutting what I legally can.


    It was on the road for about 100 miles, new from the dealership before it was doomed.






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  20. I don't know how you expect to run a decent quarter mile without zoned climate control. :nonono:
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