I Want A Kick-tail Sound System?

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by Golden 68, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Hi guys --

    Well I would like to put in an awesome sound system in my 1970. There is nothing in there right now.

    Any ideas what I should look at? Custom Audio sound?

    I want it to be loud ... ;)
  2. I would never use Custom Auto Sound. I have replaced more then I have sold. I like modern stereos, none of that retro stuff claiming 200 watts. Use a good 5 channel amp. I don't mention brands because there are too many out there that aren't mainstream, but for a headunit, I have always liked Pioneer. Most people, the first thing out of their mouth is JL audio, and theres a lot of choices that will be just as good not as expensive.
  3. so using a retro is bad?
  4. I am not trying to blow the doors off people or give them a headache -- it is just so I can hear some music over my very, very loud car. I enjoy hearing the car, it is just that on a long ride with RPMs at about 3300 it gets a little old.
  5. Id buy an overdrive trans first...
  6. My brother put a Retrosound in his 59 Bug. Its a decent unit, but for the retail price he paid for it I could've gotten a Pioneer with a A LOT more features (that are useable to me)
  7. I have had an Auto Custom Sound radio since you could still buy a shaft radio elsewhere if you looked hard enough. Never a problem an I did not have to cut the dash or make a console.