Identify Transmission Code

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  1. Looking at a transmission out of state and hope that it's a T56. They are old school and have no computer at this shop. They are not sure what it is but said they think it's out of a 2003-04 Cobra which is what I want (T-56). I had them read me the serial number off the tag and if you can help identify please post up. I fear this is a T45 but I have no books to reference. Local dealer has no info to offer me.

    Off of the tail shaft tag per our conversation:
    Top Left Tag
    F6ZR-7009CCRES-AB over from this is: L2752
    Next Line or under above line:
    1381-002 37975F

    Please help.
  2. The tag they are reading is probably set up like this


    Looks like they mixed a few numbers up in sequence.

    Part number is F6ZR-7009-AB (1996+ Mustang)
    Build date/shift is L2752 (Dec 27th, 1995, 2nd shift)
    Service code is probably CCRES
    Trans ID number is 13-81-002 (96-98 Cobra T-45)
    Serial number is 37975F

    A little google searching...

    96-98 Mustang Cobra T-45
  3. Got it myself. Called TREMEC and it's a T45. No deal!
  4. We posted about the same time. Great info 5L5 and greatly appreciate it. Thanks much!