"Idiot" Light/Cruise Control?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by StangVert00, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. I have a '00 GT 'Vert.
    It does have Cruise Control, but is there an "Idiot" light to tell you that it's "On"? Every other car I have driven with Cruise has some kind of light that tells you the Cruise is "On". Does this light not exist, or do I have a burnt bulb somewhere?


    '00 GT Performance Red 'Vert
  2. Doesn't exist...at least not on my 03 GT :shrug:
  3. nah, we dont have them :shrug:
  4. What a rip off! Oh well, at least it's a 'Stang! :nice: :D
    Now I know, thanks!

  5. lol
    My roomate asked me that same question about his v6, I had no idea since I don't have cruise. He was confused for a while. :rlaugh:
  6. i think your cruise light would be the mph not being constant/dropping :D
  7. you can only activate it if you're 30+mph... press "on" and press "set accel" if the speed doesn't drop then it's on!
  8. My Camaro didn't have a light either, must be a sports car thing.
  9. I am sure there is a way to hook one up ... (maybe some smart person can figure it out)
  10. There is no light, but the accelerator retracts when it is activated. if you put your foot by the accelerator you can feel it retract when it is put on.
  11. as I was driving the STang home from the dealer, I noticed that too. It sux. I like the light on the dash! :mad:

    My Jeep WRANGLER of all vehicles has one!

    I also like how Mopar has a "cancel" button for the cruise. That way, you don't have to tap your brakes to let off cruise and you don't have to turn it off and lose your setting :)
  12. my focus even has one. oh well. it doesn't really bother me. i know when it's on.