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  1. I get really bored at work and my boss is too cheap to pay for cable. I can only take so much Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos show, and soap operas. It gives me lots of time to surf the net and Stangnet, of course!

    Anyways, If you guys need any info at all on your cars, doesn't even have to be a Mustang, I can pretty much find out just about anything. Capacities, service intervals, technical service bulletins, RECALLS, repair procedures, and for those of you who aren't able to do your own work I can get prices on parts and labor so ya'll know if you are being taken advantage of or not.

    If you ever need any help just shoot me a PM.
  2. water pump location for a 2001 Cavalier v6 2dr coupe and its likely-hood of failing/leaking
  3. 6.3 hrs to replace w/o A/C. 7.5 hrs w A/C.
    Dealer price $123.24 for the part.

    As far as failures, they seem pretty reliable. Alhthough there were 2 TSB' back in 2000 and 2001 about water pump "weepage".

    Drain the cooling system.
    Remove the exhaust manifold.
    Remove the coolant outlet pipe.
    Disconnect the heater hose quick connect from the heater outlet pipe.
    Remove the timing chain and tensioner.
    Remove the water pump cover-to-cylinder block bolts.
    Remove water pump cover pipe bracket bolt (Bellhousing bolt).
    Remove the water pump-to-timing chain housing nuts.
    Remove the water pump and cover assembly.
    Remove the water pump cover-to-coolant pump assembly bolts.
    Clean all sealing surfaces.
    Installation Procedure

    Important: Before you install the coolant pump, read the entire procedure. Follow the tightening sequences in order to avoid part damage and to provide proper sealing.

    Install the water pump cover to the water pump assembly.
    Install the pump cover bolts. Hand tighten the bolts.
    Install water pump/cover assembly.
    Install the cover-to-block bolts. Hand tighten the bolts.
    Install the coolant pump-to-timing chain housing nuts. Hand tighten the nuts.
    Install water pump cover pipe bolt (Bellhousing Bolt). Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.
    Torque in sequence as follows:
    7.1. Tighten the pump assembly-to-timing chain housing nuts.
    Tighten nuts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.).
    7.2. Tighten the pump cover-to-pump assembly bolts.
    Tighten the bolts to 14 Nm (10 ft. lbs.).
    7.3 Tighten the coolant pump cover-to-engine block bolts. Tighten the bottom bolt first.
    Tighten bolts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.).
    Install heater hose to water pump cooling pipe.
    Install radiator outlet pipe.
    Install the exhaust manifold and install new gaskets.
    Install oil level indicator tube and indicator.
    Connect the brake vacuum pipe to the cam housing.
    Raise the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting.
    Install catalytic converter.
    Install the timing chain and tensioner.
    Lower the vehicle.
    Fill the cooling system.
    Inspect the system for leaks.
  4. wow. 123 bucks plus stealership labor for 7.5 hours :nonono:

    didnt think youd be able to come through so i gave you a curve ball not being a ford :p

    thanks for the info :nice:
  5. this will most likely get moved to other auto tech.

    removing and installing the thermostat in a 2dr 2001 cavalier v6?
  6. Hi,

    is it possible to diagnose a p0750 code on a 96GT vert with the 4r70w transmission? Like TSB's, repair/diagnose procedures.

    I appreciate it, Thank you!:hail2:
  7. Sift Solenoid #1 (SS1) Circuit malfunction.
    Moe than likely a bad ground or bad solenoid.
    The solenoids are on the valve body. Also, check the electrical connections to and from them.
    #173 through 176 is probably where your problem is.
    There are A LOT of TSB's for that tranny. Anything specific you need?

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  8. thats a lot of parts.
  9. Thanks A bunch, I'll post this info in my other thread you answered as well. I appreciate your help!
    About the TSB's, if there is one regarding that specific code(p0750), I would like to see that one.
  10. can you help , I cant figure out what kind of trans fluid and how much to change on the wifes truck. It's a 2001 dodge ram 1500 V-6 with a man 5 speed. I think its a 3.8 or 3.9?
  11. Nice...should be a sticky for this section...
  12. Done.
  13. soon as i get to work this morning ill post the info for you.
  14. is it 2 or 4 wheel drive? auto or manual?