Ignition Coil Question

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  1. Hey fellas whats going on? I have a couple 302 mustangs but the wife has an 09 expedition and the coils keep going bad. They've all been changed about a yr ago and now the new ones are starting to go out. Anyone know what causes premature coil failure?
  2. Not much action on these boards
  3. When was the last time the plugs/wires were replaced? How are the connectors looking? Any arcing or "dark marks"on the connectiors? Is the computer throwing a code? Any diagnostics performed? Engine hesitation/misfiring? These are just some of the questions I can immediatly think of (I keep adding more the longer I leave this post open).

    Hope that this "sparks" others to comment on this board. (Sorry but I had to do it.)
  4. The codes that come up are always cop related. Cel light is on now but haven't ran the code this time yet to see which coil it is. I have a miss when accelerating on the hwy w light throttle and I have to take it out of OD to get it to smoothe out. It's a pretty violent shake. It does it whether cel is on or not. The front plugs are new but I need to change the rear still. But the last time I had to replace a new coil was one that was on a new plug
  5. i read on one of the explorer forums about those coils. something about the springs in the wiring arcing and frying stuff. it was a while ago so i don't recall most of it. sounds like a tune up is needed and codes cleared before delving any deeper here.
  6. yup it was the screw down type wiresets that have a spring resting ontop of the spark plugs. guess it has given enough people a problem to have some trouble shooting threads about it.
  7. I hate em. Also the factory plugs are a 2 piece and notorious for breaking when changing plugs. A-holes should've recalled em
  8. Yup. my wifes exploder has them and they were a pain to do a tune up with.
  9. Just performed a little search and WOW, what at PITA!! Can't believe that Ford issued a TSB for 2-piece plug removal! I don't have any 3 valve engines in the stable but I'm just amazed at some of the problems that have been identified. I'm in total agreement with 90lxwhite; they should have recalled them.
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