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  1. I just bought a 85' SVO and let me tell you I NEVER new a Four banger could EVER be this much fun !!!!
    ( this is an older svo with the 30lb injectors and inline intakes and it still ROCKS)

    I have ran all V-8s uo until now and I'm not sure I would ever go back to one. These 2.3T blow my mind away ( if I had one lol ) This thing will launch and throw your butt back just like a 5.0L would do. Right now its set at 15 psi I believe, but the most I'm able to see is 12 psi. Also this is my first stick shift car EVER and DAMN its fun. I stayed up untill 3 AM just learning to drive it and having fun doing it :rlaugh:

    If I had one thing to say or word of advice to any N/A 2.3L guy/girl out here that would be; Get one fast because they are so COOL to drive.

    Also would like to thank everyone for there help in helping me to see my way to getting a 2.3T.

    First kill was a older Maxima

    This was a funny first kill. I'm out trying to figure out how to drive a stick and this dude pulls up to me in a maxima and gave me the look lol So I'm like what ever so when the light turned green he punched so I said ok and I stalled and killed my car. So I'm like o crap and got it started and caught up with him. He was to easy I went around him like he was standing still. He tryed to catch up but no luck at all. :lol:
  2. LOL, Great kill, and great car, I just got an '84 and I love that thing, definatly more power then the N/A 2.3 Auto I had...

  3. 84' awsome now all we need is some PE boards :)

    As for fun , No joke it would take 150 shot nitrous on my N/A to be this much fun, but maybe not its a A4LD also :D

    I will never go auto again also lol

    As for the pics I'm not sure how to upload them and post them? Also how do you type in what you got and it apear every time you post or do you have to type all that stuff each post?

  4. Just "reply" and then click on "manage attachments" below the submit button. Then locate the file on your computer and upload it.

    You need to add your mods to your signature...


  5. Hey thanks

    I will have to work on the pics and learning to upload them another time.
  6. :nice: Drives how a grand touring car should drive.
  7. Man, I miss my turbo coupe :(

    can't wait til I can get that thing back out again.
  8. Hey thanks for the link. Maybe when I fix a few small things on the car I can take to one of those SVO meets :D
  9. Congrat's! Yeah, must make it to an SVO reunion. I look forward to it all year long.
  10. Cool - the next Reunion will be in October - in Richmond, Kentucky.
  11. O man I got a OPRR in October....so fair I don't know the date yet :(
  12. well my car will be a 2.3 turbo mustang, thats ALMOST an svo ;) ....my vanity plate is gonna be SVOWANAB :D Im gonna show up playing wanabe by offspring, see if i can be accepted into the svo clan :p Nice car! i cant wait to get my motor together and in!
  13. SVO or not a turbo 2.3 is a blast !!!! :banana:
  14. Nothing else on earth equals an SVO epiphany. It's always nice to see someone "get it" when it come to the 2.3T's. Congrats on the purchase and good luck with the car. You are already moving in the right direction "working a few things out". These cars respond incredible to mods when they are running right. Be prepared to be more shocked and have even more fun when the modding begins.:nice: