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  1. Ok, I got my wheels and figured out what i'm going to do with them. The only problem is that I'm not sure exactly what tires to get for my 16x8s. Either brands or sizes. I'm really looking for suggestions from everyone, because i'm torn as to what to do. So far i've been looking at two major brands. BF Goodrich and Bridgstone, though there is a Firestone on the back burner so to speak.

    I know this was kinda the topic of my wheel post, but I'm really trying to get a lot of advice for this.

    What is everyone's recommendations for tires... these are the ones I was thinking about.
    Bridgestone RE750 ($123)
    BF Goodrich g-force KDWS ($105 sale)
    BF Goodrich Radial T/A ($96)
    Firestone SZ90? ($ +-140)
    The Bridgstone and Firestone have the best performance from's survey. I really like the Bridgestone's for the price, though the KDWS aren't far behind in performance, and they're on sale. Then the T/As are a staple and the white letter look I kinda like, but might look out of place for the size of tire or style of car (I know they are reversable)- they are also far behind (at least according to in performance.

    I'm not sure on size either. Bnickel suggested a 245/50/16 which sounds like it might be perfect for my '70. I just want to make sure. The MP #4 racer uses 245/45/16 and a really clean looking 70 Mach in Mustang and Fords a while back had like 245/45/16 on the front and I think 255/50/16 on the back (wicked looking combo whatever it was, anyone know what car i'm talking about).

    Again, I'm sorry for this kind of repost, I'm just really unsure of what kind of tires to get. Thanks a whole heap in advance.

    The Swede
  2. also look at kumhos and yokohamas. i personally love yoko's. 245 50 16's would be my choice... thats what most fox body's run too.
  3. ps, i've also had very good experiences with the kdws's
  4. $123

    Bridgestone RE750 ($123)

    where did you price these??

  5. Your tire choice depends on how you are going to drive the car and how much you driving the car. Since I won't be putting lots of miles on mine, I m probably going to go with Nitto 555. I have read good reviews here and at
  6. Personally I have had bad experiences with firestone. I stray away from firestones since the mid 1980,s. But they probably have improved. The classic look of BF Goodrich radial TA's is always good, If you are lucky enough to find them. I think they stoped making the good ol TAs.