Indianapolis, IN area

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Morpheusgpr, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Who here is in this area?
  2. You got the Borla Stingers? How are those? I went with the SLP catback and high flow x-pipe on mine.

    Mineral Gray is a nice color. I got silver but I need to fix a couple of scratches, one dent and my hood took something off 465 on day. I am planning a scooped hood soon I hope anyways and I might pick up a new bumper and get it painted to rid a scratch or two from the previous owner/careless people around.

    You come south much? I live down in Franklin Township.
  3. I just moved here from Huntsville.
    Have a stock, other than K&N, true blue 01.
    Great car
  4. I'm from NW Indiana, but I am down in Indy often enough, whats up...
  5. I love my Borla Stingers.... great sound, great fit and finish...

    I hate 465... always crap being thrown around on the road..

    I don't get down south much.. but I am going to try and hit Suds once before the season closes..

    You guys should mark down October 8,9 on your schedule.. SVTOA On Track event at IRP.. more details on and I'll have some stuff on our website at

  6. I joined the SVTOA when I got my Kenny Brown work done. I need a few more things done but I am looking to do some reason I bought the car. Wanted to get back into some more auto stuff since I was out of school for the time being.

    Is that date in Oct. the big 3 day event? 1 day at the auto-x, 1 drag, and one for something else?

    I would like to hit the suds too, I live here South but never did find the right location where they meet up.

    Ford just told me almost 700 bucks to take my dent guys know anyone who can fix that stuff without taking everything apart and repainting? I really don't know why they would be needed, dealer in Ft. Wayne told me for one on my truck 75 bucks or something and they look pretty similar in size and shape, king of elogated not roung, like a line from a shopping cart.

    I also may want to pick up a new rear bumper. The previous owner must have be bumped in the back end as it has those little plastic pieces back there broken. Nothing major or even noticable really.

    I like my SLP, loud, rumble at idle, and seems to have good fit and finish as well. Now I just need some headers that will not reduce my clearance which is already terrible. My passenger side cat, more then the other, seems to hang low and will hit speed bumps and things. I want to get her dynoed again soon shortly too, I have a maf forward densencharger to get installed here sometime soon and a cobra grill emblem.