Install a tach in 1999 Mustang GT

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by CCase, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. I have a 1999 GT and I got the tach all hooked up and the needle on the tach pulses back and forth and no other movement when the car is running. Can anyone help?
  2. Do you have the tach adapter hooked up right?
  3. Moving to Tech.
  4. to him same deal
  5. Mine did the samething. I was told to try checking the connections of the tach adapter to the signal wires. I havent tried it yet but that is the only thing else that i could think that could be the problem.
  6. thanks for the replies
  7. As far as I know everything is hooked up just as the directions say. I called 5 different places including autometer and got 5 different tach sending wires. Not one worked. Bad tach? Bad tach adapter? Does anyone have any suggestions on a tach sending wire? Tried dark blue in the pass. kick panel, tried wht w/blue stripe at the 42pin conn. next to the fender under the hood. Any suggestions? Going Crazy!!!
  8. Anyone?
  9. Thanks for your reply! I have a Dallas Mustang tach adapter. Same instructions as the website you posted.
    Still doing the same thing. I have checked, checked, and re-checked the wiring and everything. I put tachs in all kinds of cars. NEVER had this problem. Bad tach? Bad tach adapter? HELP!!!
  10. Please help!!
  11. Anyone had trouble with Dallas Mustang tach adapter?
  12. Thanks for all the views! Need suggestions!
  13. Ordered an Autometer tach adapter, got it all hooked up and it is working perfectly!!! Thanks for all the suggestions and help!!
  14. help me!


    first of all :hail2: to all mustang owners. I plan on getting a mustang soon near the end of this year. but, one of the first things i am planning on doing, is putting a shift light on it. the only problem, I recently found out that ford made it a little harder for me..... :nice: they put a coil-on-plug system in the newer mustangs and that of course means you need a tach adapter. soooo, you don't understand, i think i've been looking online for about the past month for instructions on how to install an autometer adapter on a mustang, and i mean specific for dumb old me. so i saw that you guys had been talking about them on your forums and that you, CCase, had installed one. It would be sooooooooooooooo awesome if you could give/send me instructions (real specific ones) so that a novice installer like me :D could install one!

    by the way, the mustang will be a v6 :nonono: 99-03

    thanks! :spot: