Interior Of Convertibles

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking into buying a 93 gt vert. I wanna know if its normal to see the guts (mechanisms) of the convertible top while up?

    Look at the picture you can see what I'm talking about!



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  3. Yup what he said.
  4. Cool, thxs guys. I will look into that!

    I wonder why Ford decided to wait untill 93 to offer that. In my opinion it is very ugly to see all that metal while your sitting in th back seat, not to mention that someones hand can get stuck in there!!
  5. the headliner cuts down on wind noise andkeeps the ac in when the summer temps are broiling outside too. I woudnt personally run without one. I never knew they werent available until 93. all three verts I've owned were 93s and they always had one.