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  1. hi,

    i have an idea for invention, it's really good, for a tool specific to an industry, not automotive. it will save companies decent money and homeowners time and trouble. i will be extremely upset if i see it on t.v. or in the stores and i'm not getting paid for it. what do i do? i know i should patent my idea, but what does that really do? what if someone came up with a similar idea, but different in some ways to mine? would they be able to market it?

    also, who could i get to work on the design for me? would that person end up giving me blueprints that i could take to a machinist? i don't want to make some corporation rich off of my idea. it would be an electro-mechanical device. how would i keep the designer from stealing my idea?

    thanks in advance.
  2. YOu can't patent has to be tangible
  3. so i would have to make a functioning prototype first?
  4. I think that as long as you have very detailed plans and a sound theory on how it should work, you can still get a patent.

  5. You can patent ideas or innovations, business systems, etc.. They are called intellectual Patents. Go buy "Protecting Your #1 Asset" by Michael A. Lechter, E.S.Q. who is one of the country's top intellectual patent attorney.
  6. What is it? LOL
  7. Send the isea to me and I'll make you a prototype ;)
  8. Just stay away from all the stuff on TV concerning getting a patent.

    See a local attorney and some even specialize in patents.

  9. I think what you want to do is file for a patent pending.
    this will keep you invention ideas from being used by someone else.
    once you have patented something, I could make some small change to it and call it mine. :D