Bullitt Is $10500 a good price for True Blue Bullitt, 62k miles?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by starchman, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Cause I found one, and I would like to drive a real car again.
  2. sounds like a steal! 01 gt's with 100K miles are going for 10K.
    Barrett Jackson 40 years from now I predict, 50K easy.
    I say get it, you'll like it.
  3. It sold on eBay for $9750. I test drove it; it was perfect. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  4. There will be other cars..........

  5. And your smokin' what? C'mon, you are kiddin right? 50K?:rlaugh:
  6. I just saw in the Seattle Times this morning, some guy selling his Highland Green Bullitt with 15K miles on it for $25,000. He's on X.

  7. How do you figure???? Bullitts are limited editions 5582 in existence, 25k is a good deal for Bullitt with 15k.

    As fas a Blue Bullitt going for under 10k....what a shame considering there were only 723 True Blue Bullitts made period.

    We shall see how crazy it is when i sell mine for 30-35k EURO which equals out to 45k us dollars.

  8. Maybe in Germany where there are none available and some sap will pay it. The market for a BULLITT was gone as soon as the Mach became available and likewise when the 05 GT came along. While all nice cars, they will never be high priced collectibles. You see 03-04 Cobras running $25,000 with 10,000miles now.
  9. How do I figure? I live in the U.S.A., that's how I figure. You can look in any car magazine and find Bullitt's, Mach's, Cobra's, you name it, their all for sale here. Of course you'll always have the guy who thinks he knows what a car is worth, or wishes what it is worth and will try and sell it for a rediculous amount. If some sucker buys it, that does'nt mean the car is worth that. Yeah, they only made 5,500 Bullitt's, but if your lucky they may be worth something in 30 years, and that's if you kept it in good condition, and actually still own it then.
  10. take for example how much the 70 boss mustang 302 are going for now, one sold on eBay for $82,000 and what where they paying in 1970? the boss 302 there were 7,013 made at price of $3,720. hmmm pretty good turn around i think. i think the Bullitt's will be worth something when there older as will all cars especially if there are people like us racing them. but hey thats what there built for

    the cobras are going for 25,000 becuase there still pretty new.

    gie it 25 years and see how much you cobra will be worth i bet you it will be more then you paid for it.
  11. Wow, then what would you say if I told you I bought one a year ago for $16k with only 7,000 miles on it?

    Come on... $25k... please.

    And $10k for an '01 GT with 100k miles. My friend bought an '01 TWO YEARS AGO for $8k and it only had 60k miles.

    The problem here is that, like others have said, that you live in Germany. There may only be 1000 Mustangs in all of Europe (I just pulled that number out of the air, but there aren't a lot, either way), but here, there are 5,000 Bullitts, 18k 03-04 Cobra's, 200k '05 Mustangs, and pretty much all the other millions of Mustangs ever built.

    Your prices are GREATLY skewed... kind of like if we wanted to import a Skyline GT-R. You could pick up a used one in Japan for not that much, but any kind of GT-R's gonna set you back some serious cash here in the states.