Is This A 9inch Rear End (pic In Side)

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by biggyfan1, May 19, 2013.

  1. Pretty sure it is an 8 inch.

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  2. If it is a 9 inch, it is probably a small bearing, 28 spline axle version. You can tell because of the tapered axle housing.
  3. This is on a car I might buy and the guy said it has a 9 inch but I know a lot of people see the round pumpkin and assume it's a 9. A big selling point to me was the 9 inch rear but if it's not a 9 I might low ball him.
  4. the top pic is a 9 inch ,the bottom pic is an 8 inch .the fill plug is packed full of grease so you cant see it .the early 9 inch is smooth on the back but that is not a 9 it is an 8 inch. IMG_3172.JPG IMG_3173.JPG
  5. The gentelman asking the question has an 8 inch. Im almost positive!!
    I have been wrong before. Like when I got married the first time.
  6. Well if I buy this car then I guess I will have to put a 9inch in it down the road. This 8inch won't hold up to a 408.
  7. depending upon what axles it has a 8 inch i s prety strong.
  8. Love my Explorer 8.8. Junk yard pricing built 9" strength

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  9. well i might have to do a search and see what mods need to be done for the 8.8 in to a first gen mustang (65,66)
  10. Mine is a 66. It's one inch wider per side.. I run late model Mustang wheels and it's a perfect fit.. if u wanna Retain original width have the longer side cut down. It comes with trac lok 31 spline and 373 gears and disc brakes so it's a bargain at under 200$ the old leaf perches need to b cut off and new ones welded in correct spot.. it's really ez and will take 400-500 HP + on slicks all day long


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  11. Just got an 8.8 that will be going in mine someday. 3.73 gears with trac-loc and disk brakes. 100 bucks. How can you go wrong. Also got the driveshaft for 75 bucks. Don't know if I will use it yet though.

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  12. Ds was too long with my t5. The 8.8 sticks out more than the old 8"

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  13. in a 65-66 1 inch wider on each side is a lot they already have a small wheel area an inch more and tires will be a problem. using an 8.8 i would narrow it