Is This A Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tjmaxx, May 12, 2014.

  1. Seems like fox body values have hit their high and may be coming down now unless they are mint or Clair to it? Anyway I have been looking for a project 5.0 to slowly build into a track/weekend cruise car. It is going to be a slow build as I have too many hobbies but miss having a mustang. I found a 1988 mustang lx hatchback 5.0 5spd for $1000. Hoping to get it for closer to $800 as I'd spend at least $250 going to get it. It's needs a few odds and ends, trans grinds, hatch lid is rusty, floors need some patch work and sounds like it might have some electrical issues, needs a paint job. Mods are exhaust and intake. Seems like a decent deal to me? Now I need to talk the wife into it! I figured I'd probably part the hood, 10 holes and tires, full aftermarket exhaust out since I'd be going a different route with the car. What could I expect to get out of those parts assuming good condition? Thanks for the help!
  2. Damn, where do you guys live?

    I payed $3.5K for a salvage LX 112K mi. with a giant hole in the front bumper. Interior was perfect, good ac, basically single owner, and had every maintenance and upgrade receipt.
  3. This one is by no means perfect but with some work seems like the right deal.
  4. if the body straight, then its hella good day, 87+ model fox is selling fast like .... idk lol, but get it, post some pix
  5. check the torque boxes and other areas for rust, cracks, and damage. Also, inspect the wiring. Those two areas can run into major money pit .
  6. If it were me, I'd pass....but that's mainly because I hate dealing with rust. If it's got holes in the floor, you can bet it's also weak in other area's too.

    I bought my Coupe in similar condition and it took me weeks to rebuild a lot of those area's. I lucked out and was able to remove the afflicted area's in sections and weld in proper patches and the car is solid now, but I can't say I'd want to go through it again. I'd rather just wait for a rust free car to come along.
  7. buy car from the southern area, where no snow or salty road. But for this age of these car, there alway a small rust some where. But small chance
  8. Yea actually surprisingly for my area this one is fairly good on the rust side considering its a 26 year old car. Floors only have surface rust and the wheel wells and doors look pretty good. Hatch is rusty but that's to be expected.
  9. Hard to say if it's a good deal without seeing the car really.
  10. I can't talk the wife into it anyway :bs:
  11. Man, thats a lot of work....but it' priced right.

    I've seen cars like that for $3K
  12. Hopefully someone from here can pick it up and bring it back to life!
  13. I would part it out. The rusty floorpans worry me. I'm convinced if i check the strut towers, i'll find rot there as well. There is also bubbling in the lower rockers and on the 1/4 panel that concern me. I bet there's a lot of hidden rust on that car.

    I'd rather spend $2K more and get a rust-free car
  14. Yeah, I concur. It would be worth it as a parts car, but that's where I'd draw the line on that heap.
  15. It's funny how it says, "runs strong" but "don't know if A/C works." If it runs, than couldn't he turn on the A/C and find out?
  16. because it wont start most likely :D