Is this stuff legit?

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  1. I see so many for the same price all over eBay. These guys aren't just trying to rip me off are they? I really want to save up and buy one. I'd much rather have a supercharger, but twin turbos are hella cool too. What do you guys think?

    Twin Turbo Setup

  2. Everything I have ever read about them is that they fit like poop. It looks fancy though!
  3. waste of $, I've heard the bearings in the turbos go after only a few miles.
  4. well, the piping i dont see how thats gonna go bad but the turbo's are crap, but pick up a couple t-bird .63 turbo's and it should make some hp!! I have heard a couple people say they liked the intercooler's they got from them, and they are fine.. so I would say get the kit and throw the turbo's in the trash and get some real units..
  5. I wouldent go for it, ive personally never owned a kit but have never heard anything good about them, heard there was a lot of fitment issues among other things. Search the fourms over at they have info on the kit, and a couple of people who has tried them. They also have a lot of info on DIY kits if your on a budget. Just a suggestion.
  6. You get what you pay for. You pay for quality. What your paying for there, is a pile of scrap metal. Don't waste your time or money. Do it right, but then again if your looking for something cheap, you'll get something cheap.
  7. K, thanks. I'll check that out.