Is Your Dealer GT500 Certified?

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  1. Is Your Dealer GT500 Authorized?

    I thought the GT500's were going to be sold through SVT Certified dealers but according to the latest edition of Snakebyte, Shelby's Monthly Newsletter, it looks as though Ford may be creating a new Certification/Authorization. Here's a quote from the newsletter, "While the list of GT500-Autorized Ford dealers is still being finalized, check with your local Ford dealer. You may be able to get on the delivery list and be one of the first in your area to own a 2007 Shelby GT500."

    Will someone please call his or her dealer ASAP to find out about this? I called the contact at my dealer but he's not in today.

  2. I would imagine the GT500 dealers will be the current SVT dealers-or at the very least there would be alot of overlap. Sometimes reporters (and ultimately the public) get too wrapped up over word choices. It would seem that the drivetrain will be similar enough to the 03/04 Cobra to warrant keeping the GT500's service under the same roof.

    After all, my Lightning goes to Lightning authorized dealers, but they also happen to be SVT dealerships.
  3. Ford could find that achieving their goal of selling this GT500 in higher volume than the previous 03/04 may be with any or all locations having the ability to sell. This would increase competition and hopefully reduce the initial price gouging that hindered sales of the previous SVT Cobras. The manufacturer doesn't need dealer arrogance to limit sales. The $40,000 price tag will limit sales without any help. I'm not interested in being on any "list" to get the first one in town. The early units to hit the street are the final stage of testing as has been clearly seen with many other new offerings.
  4. Muscel Mustangs & Fast Fords - July 2005 Issue Page 77

    "The cars will be marketed differently, and no longer will you have to go to a special SVT dealer to purchase one of the vehicles it engineers."
  5. My father said he went down to the local Ford dealer ( a small one that was only SVT focus qualified) and got put on "the list" as the first in line for an '07 Shelby. I guess they will only be alloted (sp?) two Shelby's for the year.
  6. I was at my small town Ford dealer on Friday and I was talking a little with the owner of the dealership (small, family run dealership that sells 20-30 vehicles a month). They have sold a lot more Mustangs than bigger dealers in the area. Anyway, I was talking with the owner about adding cab lights to my Excursion and asked him if he will be selling GT500's next year. I've been bugging them about getting an SVT license for a year and they had been talking with their regional rep about the possibility. His response this time was "YES!" Ford will no longer have SVT dealers as they did in the past. Now any dealer who is willing to invest in the equipment and training the service and sell SVT cars will be able to. He said he hoped to get 2 cars, but said he would take as many as he could get because he sees no problem selling these hot rods!