It's a Christmas Miracle

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  1. At 10 am on Christmas Day my dad broke the news to me that he crashed my mustang.

    I have no pics yet and he wont tell me the extent of the damage. He says I am just going to have to see it. I am worried because it involved the corner panel, the door, the rim, and tail light.

    I will post pics when i get them
  2. ugh ...... how is that a xmas miracle???
  3. get a 99-04 gt : )
  4. i would dis-own my dad
  5. I'll bet its a joke. He probably had it modded or something for you. Hope for the best.
  6. my first thought as well.
  7. Yea...he did something for you I bet :)
  8. I hope its a prank. If not then your dad and my dad need to get together for some driving courses :nonono:
  9. ROR, that is the exact thing that i thought when i read the post.

    but i do hope its a joke and he did modify your car.
  10. i'll sign up my mom, i will not ride in the car if she is driving:nono:
  11. +1
  12. Well I really hope it is a joke and he has it at a shop to get something done on it. But for some reason in the pit of my stomach I dont think that is the case this time.
  13. Hopefully its a joke.

    This is the main reason my dad doesn't drive my cars. I can sleep easy every night knowing that my car is all right and so is my dad. LOL
  14. So, this morning I'm here at work, and I receive a call from my wife. The Mazda 3 battery is dead. I drove the Contour to work. She doesn't know how to jump a car and nor did she have time, since she needed to be at work.

    Guess which car is the only other option for her to take? And it's raining outside. :eek:

    Pray for teh Stang :( (and my wife :D)
  15. And its a miracle that he wrecked ur car b/c this could never happen in crazyland? :shrug:
  16. What ended up happening with this? Did he crash it or was he messing with you and did some mods without you knowing?
  17. He fake crashed it - took it into the shop - was driving it back, and then crashed it for real
  18. wouldn't that suck bad if that really happened lol

    ok for real, UPDATE!!!!
  19. Must be really bad or really good