35th Anniv It's gone to a new home...............

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cobra10494, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Sold my 99 35th ann.ed.silver vert that was listed on e-bay.Many thought my car would never go over 13k,but bidding ended @14,200!! Very happy with the results as the car has only 17k original on it.So our cars with the right buyer should command more,so be patient!! Just put my deposit on blue/WHITE STRIPES 500 VERT!!!!C:jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: ANT WAIT!!
  2. Hate to hear you sold it, but nice price. By the way, I heard you can't get factory stripes on a GT500 vert. ???
  3. That is the way it is here in Canada, too. The dealership has them put on or you can do it yourself.
  4. Wow, amazing price. Helps that you only had 17k on it.
  5. You get the GT500 yet?
  6. You will enjoy this one.Order the car from dealer,set the price then I get a phone call.Well,there will be a "PRICE ADJUSTMENT ON YOUR UNIT''.:jaw:Well instead of fighting and arguing over it I cancelled it and called fords central office to express my displeasure with the dealership.Believe it or not they did NOTHING for me.No wonder ford has so many problems across the board.Went down to the the chevy dealer 1 mile from my house and bought a 04 zo6 with 4100 miles on it.Pristine like my 99 vert, the zo6 is silver.All I can say is wow what a car.The speed and handling is phenomanal!! This is my first g.m and I always loved the z06.Guess i could have bought a used 03/04 cobra vert but went to the dark side.My previous cars were all ford all mustang.99 35th vert,94 gt,90 gt vert and 1987 gt.My daily driver is a 2003 f350 diesel crew as i am a plumber by trade.So yes even I am suprised.But the z06 WAS SO PERFECT WITH THE LOW MILES I COULDN'T PASS IT UP.If you ever drive one you'll understand:hail2:
  7. I have a corvette, so I know they are very nice cars. Never driven the z06 though, but would be interested in getting one some day. You probably made a better choice by going with the Z06 over the GT500, overall in my opinion, I think it's a better car, in all categories. It's cheaper, quicker, looks better, handles better, and probably will last longer. there are all sorts of problems lately with ford so it doesn't suprise me they did that to you.
  8. :D You should drive down to the local dealer that wanted to mark up the GT and say, see, you couldve sold it to me, but now look what you did.

    Enjoy the Z man, they are amazing cars.
  9. Hope it went to a good home. And I dont blame you for getting the Z, hot car no doubt.
  10. :( :( Well,I thought it went to a good home.The guy I sold the car to was a local guy who said he had the same car in white which he had leased and said the leasing co. screwed him and always wanted to replace it.He went ga ga over my car and bought it after a 5 min test drive which he ripped it from 1st thru 4th .Had it up to 120 when I told him to slow down.After owning it for two days he called and asked where I bought the wheels from{they were konig imagine].Asked him why he told me he hit the curb and rashed one up-I almost cried.Then he proceeded to tell me a landscaper backed up into it while it was parked in front of his house and now he needs to replace the front fender!! WTF!! Icing on the cake is he said he was racing a wrx and smoked him but the guy was pissed cut him off and he hit the curb bending the other front rim! Moral to the story don't sell your car to a moron who cant appreciate a perfect automobile which was not only beautiful but mechanically better than new.I'm :bang: kicking myself for answering the call,matter of fact if his phone# comes up I will ignore it!!:ban:
  11. Too bad. Thats why I'm am going to keep mine until I sell it to my BIL, he wants it pretty bad but is willing to wait a few more years. That way I get to see it anytime I want.
  12. Yea, when I get ready to sell mine, my dad wants it. I know itll go to a good home that way :D