35th Anniv Japanese Export

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  1. This is a pic of my car at a recent classic show at Errol 2nd world war airfield in Perthshire,Scotland.
    I've recently confirmed with Voorhees that it is indeed a Limited edition,35th Anniversary car #3387 of 4628 in 'Performance Red.
    I got the car a few weeks ago locally to me in the Glasgow area but was unaware till now of it's rarity.
    Car was a Dearborn product for the Japanese Market .It stayed in Japan till 2009 and imported to the U.K.
    A couple of questions have arisen that although the car has all the original features (apart from the wheels and radio),it does not have the rear honeycomb panel. Does anyone know if some of these cars were built without that panel ? All the labelling is in Japanese of course as are all the documents. It has a Kms speedo.
    It would be of interest to me to know of any other such cars in the UK.


  2. Dave,

    Glad to see your car. There were some differences from the US version that I remember. The former 35th website owner at one time had the link to the Ford Japan website that had the specs and pics of the export version "Limited" GT. I do recall the spoiler is the standard GT spoiler, the lights below the 35th emblem are export items and if I remember the taillights have a yellow/amber lens in one part.
    As for your question on the rear panel, I also beleive it was left off of exports.
    If there are no mounting holes, it is correct.
    Those elements alone make for quite an interesting "Limited Edition" GT.

    Love the picture, but would love to see other angles.

    Do you know what happend to the original rims? BTW, there seem to be some always listed on ebay, if you wanted to have some.

    The mirrors are not stock(but they may be???), they should be like the ones on the other GT in the picture, but they are not bad at all.

  3. This is amazing! I had no idea that Ford ever built any Mustangs with the purpose of exporting them.. It's also strang that these cars had the original spoiler and no honeycomb! What an extremely rare car we have here.. I love learning new stuff like this.
  4. Cheers,guys...........I'll take some more pics tomorrow of the rear and as Jason says it does have amber indicator lenses fitted. There are no mounting holes for the Honeycomb panel.
    Unfortunately all the documentation is completely indecipherable as it is Japanese.I'll take some shots of that too Probably has the original owner's name and address in there.
    I was told that the original wheels were discarded by the previous owner as they had badly corroded.He also said the original radio is gone too.
    Any more info on The export models would be appreciated.:)
    Now looking for an original radio.

  5. The radio should be an easy replacement and as for the wheels, I find it strange a low mileage car would have issues such as that.
    I'd probably just get and aftermarket radio if it were me, the radio is not as important in my opinion.
  6. Hey man...you read his profile messages wrong. Mine is number 3387...yours is 3226. :D

  7. OOPS! Yeah what he said!! :D
  8. Wasn't trying to be mean...I just plan on making some sort of plaque...didn't want two number 3387s out there...lol.
  9. Some more details of the car............but what is that wee lady doing under the hood and then running round the car ??
















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  10. It's so cool to see differences in a car based on where it is sold. I have never seen a mustang taillight with the ember on it. So interesting.
  11. Omg this is the coolest thing I've ever seen........ I so want all the writing in my Mustang to be in Japanese!!
  12. Karate Kid meets the Last Samurai !

    Anyone got a nice image of the small 'special edition/serial# 'stickers which were stuck on the slam panel of these cars ?

    Also has anyone come across these wing mirrors I have fitted ? They look totally stock !

  13. Nice Car! I thought I read somewhere that the folding mirrors were stock on exports to Japan. They may still have been black originally though.

  14. Really ?? Need to study more. My old 01 Cobra had Export taillights stock.

    Look at the Aussie 02 Cobras !!

    Nice EXPORT Stang U have !! Not many survive over there..............
  15. I agree...the Cobras had those tail lights standard.

    Very interesting ride! Also in the best color! :nice:
  16. Are you looking for a standard radio or the Mach 460? When I first got my car (nearly 8 years ago) I picked up a spare radio and speakers on eBay and then discovered that there was a "basic" and a "premium" and my car has the "premium" (Mach 460).... The spare I bought is a "basic" and it's still in the box, in my garage.
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  17. MJ, I've now got a radio and cd similar to the photo you posted thanks.
    All I need now is a radio man to fit it ,hopefully this week.

  18. hi, mine is exactly the same !!! no i have a problem someone stole my drivers site mirror and now the problem begins, i can only get regular GT mirros but for the export LE the mirror seems like Ford used the one from a Cobra ?? does anyone know where i get the export mirror or is it really the Cobra mirror and i have to spend a couple more bugs for the Cobra mirror ???

    thanks for advise
    and sorry for my english
  19. Here are some pics

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  20. Speaking of export mustangs... My wife just bought a 97 Purple GT. It is a Japan export that was brought back into the United States. Any clue on how rare this car in in the US??? It has Amber tail lights, side marker lights, flares, factory folding mirrors, tags are written in Japanese under hood and on the sun visor.