Junkyard Contour/mark 8 E Fans

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  1. If I were to scour the salvage yards for either a Ford Contour or Lincoln Mark 8 electric radiator fan, what would be the best model years to look for???
  2. The 99-02 Mercury Cougar is the same Dual Fan that was used on the Contour.
  3. 93-94 Mark 8 fans pulls the most CFM.

    After those years, ford lowered the rating a tad bit to lower noise level on the fan because they were a tad loud when sucking small children through the radiator.

    In reality, any 93-98 Mark 8 fan will do. no need to be picky
  4. Mark VIII fan's will pull the most CFM, but to be honest....a regular Taurus fan will do just fine. I've got the Taurus fan cooling my 331 and it does just fine. The Contour/Mystique/Cougar dual fans are nice, but they're noisy and can be a hard on relays when they start to get some wear on them.
  5. What year of Taurus did you get that from? One of our local salvage yards has a Taurus fan and shroud for $114. This is from a 3.8L Taurus.
  6. To run the Mark fan you need a good PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) controller. Even better is one with a soft start feature so it doesn't pull near 100 amps on start.
  7. For that price, tell them to keep it. You could buy a brand new unit on Ebay for $75. This is the exact fan I've got an it works exceptionally well. You'll have to custom make your own brackets, but as far as cooling and capacity....no problem.

  8. $114??? Holy moly, it come with a tube of vaseline too? That is way too much for a used fan, like Gearbanger stated. That with the price of your controller, you could buy a good one from AM or LMR.
  9. I got my fan from a local JY for $30. Did some trimming, added some foam insulation, drilled holes and attached the stock overflow, fabbed up some L shaped brackets for the bottom to fit into the stock radiator support and a cut a piece of old plastic container to cover the gap in the fan shroud and used epoxy to hold it in place ( mounted the fan upside down), and used some radiator ties to hold it on the top. I painted the fan the same as my car's body color with a can of duplicolor. Total cost was about $50 for everything for the fan.

    For the controller, I recommend the flex a lite 33054 variable speed controller- you want one that has a soft touch when the fan kicks on rather than coming on at 100% to avoid a huge amp draw. It uses a thermostatic radiator probe that you can adjust with a set screw. It also has a feature that allows the fan to come on at 60% whenever the A/C is on. It runs about $110

    Use 10g wire and solder all the connections. I also shrinkwrapped all the connections and used wire looms for a factory look. The total cost for everything including the fan, controller, wire, wire loom, shrinkwrap and other items will set you back less than $200.

    This setup will pull more CFM than most aftermarket setups costing much more, and is OEM reliable. There are a number of good writeups here on on other sites.
  10. My current fan is a Flex-A-Lite Extreme puller w/a Felx- A -Lite 33054 controller. I am really in the market for a dual fan set up as I want a fan and shroud that covers my entire BE COOL radiator not just a portion of it.
  11. Got one of these on my F150. It's a dual set up from a Contour/Cougar....works great....pulls plenty of air.


    If it cools my 5.4L 6,000lb P/U, it'll cool down your Mustang without breaking a sweat.
  12. Nice, but $175 :eek:

    I paid less than that for the Flexalite Fan controller on my truck and the DC Fan controller on car put together and still had money left over for a tank of gas.....and both of them are fully adjustable and work flawlessly as well. :shrug:
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  13. I like the Build quality and features of the Auto Cool. its solid state....no relays. and is internally fused at 100A Very well made. I know alot of people do the Flexalite or DC.... I needed something with a soft start that slows and speeds the fan. This is done by a microprocessor....not relays. (I opened mine and looked) Also there is no probe shoved in your radiator fins. From a design standpoint i wont even compare it to a Flexalite.....the DC controller is nice but i personally dont like the design with the contacts raised and exposed. I just like something that's supposed to keep my 5 figure investment of an engine cool to be durable and well built.

    I looked at all the Fan controllers out there including the one that were previously mentioned and a few others. I have nightmares about my engine temp spiking .....especially when using the cheaper relay based options.

    Oh yeah.....and a 1 year warranty vs. a 90 day.
  14. Thanks for the link! Paid $45.95 for it and should have it next week.
  15. Gearbanger I have a question you may know the answer to? Do you happen to know the amp draw for this fan set up? My Flex-a-Lite fan controller is actually the 31165 unit and according to flex-a-lite tech, this controller can only be used with a dual fan set-up with a 45 amp or less draw.
  16. Assuming you're talking about the Contour fans? When the fans are new or in relatively good condition, they'll spike at a little over 30A during initial start up and will run normally around 20A.

    I ran mine with a 30A relay for the first couple of years until recently when one of the fans started ceasing up due to age and weather damage. It caused additional draw on the system and would randomly blow the 30A relays. I'm now running 40A relays in their place temporarily until I pick up a new assembly and they run just fine.
  17. This is the Cougar/Mystique fans you gave me the Ebay link to about a week or two ago. I did purchase those and want to hook them up to my Flex-a-Lite 31165 controller. With a 45 amp max on this controller I should be good to go.
  18. I'm sure you'll be fine. I use the 31147 controller for mine and it's only got a 20A rating.