Just Bought A 2011 Gt Cs What Mods Should I Do??

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  1. Just purchased a white 2011 mustang gt cs. I have been saving for a 2003 Svt cobra since I was 8 (I'm only 17) I decided to go newer and pulled the trigger on a 2011 mustang gt cs. I paid for it all my self.

    Anyway I was wondering what power mods I should do? I want to keep the appearance stock. I also want to keep it as a daily driver. Right now everything is stock. It's a mt with a 3.31 final drive. I was thinking of a cold air and a tune first, than 3.73 gears and then go from there.
    I would like to hear your guys advice, thanks !
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Comfortable daily driver that is able to beat most cars from a roll and will be reliable to last along time. I rely don't have any goals.
  4. That's pretty awesome that you are 17 and you own it outright, and it is only 3 years old.

    IMHO 3.73s, tune, done.

  5. Thanks man. I know I'm glad no car payment or anything. I get a lot of "nice daddy's car". I just say wanna se the insurance card ?
    No intake ? And who should I get it tuned by bama or John Lund ?

  6. I don't know if it is worth it to get the aftermarket cold air intake. Not sure if it was standard equipment in 2013 or if it was earlier, but you might already have a cold air system.

    Besides, the 3.73s will give you 12 second range ETs, and the car will remain reliable. Not a lot of reason to alter it further for a daily driver. The tune would be necessary to account for the gear change, but there is no need to go with a custom tune. SCT has the ability to do that change for you. BAMA includes free tunes for life if you buy the SCT tuner from them, so if you do change your mind in the future and decide to do more mods they could take care of your tune updates at no additional charge. If you go forced induction, a custom tune would be ideal.
  7. 3.73s, then LCAs, UCAs, lowering springs, adjustable lanyard bar. Ford can recalibrate your car for 3.73s cheaper than a tuner.

    3.73s will give you the biggest seat of the pants performance improvement short of forced induction. Then you need to get it to the ground effectively, so make the car handle. Save the tune until you are sure you need big power, then start with a KB.
  8. Will the controll arms effect the ride quality ? The 2011s have the cold air stock, it may have even started in 2010 on the 4.6 but i dont relly know. Ill probibly just get a k and n drop in filter. I belive the cs mustangs have and even deeper cold air if that means anything. Ive also been looking at the oil seperaters. I think im going to get the passanger side but not the driver side one.
  9. Mods=None. To beat someone from a roll, you just have to have less common sense than the dude next to you.
  10. The stock Cai is pretty good, I never got any thing in the driver's side separator. The control arms won't affect ride quality, if you get spherical end joints you will hear more noise.

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  11. thanks, now im just looking for an exhaust. im thinking the boss h pipe with qtp cutouts. So i can go extreamly loud to close to stock(For mom and dad)
  12. I was tossing that around, that was you can keep it civil, and then unleash it when you want.
    I ended up going with a pair of glass packs, should have it road worthy this weekend.

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  13. Yep that's the plan. The side exhaust would probibly drone rely bad on the highway also
  14. Not an issue for me, the car is pretty spartan. And most of the done went away with the cats. Now, when it goes above 2k, it just gets aggressive :)

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  15. Control arms effect ride quality- they make it more sure and stable. It's not going to ride noticeably stiffer, but your axle will remain more square and planted. Hard to describe, you have to experience it. Not a bad thing.

    I would find a dry filter, not a K&N. I'm done with oiled filters. On my 95 I was constantly having to clean the MAF sensors because of the oiled filter, no matter how sparingly I tried to apply it. Not worth the headache when there are good high flow dry filters out there.
  16. I actually understand it stops all the wheel hop. Does anyone know anything about the boss intake?
  17. Not really worth it if your not going to race. Lose a little down low with some tunes ( I didn't, but result vary) but you keep building power past 7200, then slowly tapers off to 7500rpm.

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  18. Thanks. I think I'm going with gears and a tune for now. Once I get more money boss exhaust and maybe boss intake, upper and lower controll arms and sway bar.