Just Died...!!!

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  1. My daughters 93 4 cly just died on her today. It would crank, but wouldn't try to start. Went back 3 hours later still wouldn't start. Called a tow truck, got it home. Then it decides to start. Checked the codes, nothing pointing to a serious problem. :shrug: Any ideas???? :shrug:
  2. This SCREAMS TFI module.
  3. TFI was my first thought, but it restarted agian. :scratch:
    They are killed by heat, so I guess it is possible for it to work after cooling down. :shrug:
    Did you notice if the tach moved when you couldn't start it? if it didn't move, there is a good chance it was the TFI and it is definatly ignition related
  4. It DIDN'T restart bhuff..

    I'd say timing belt since it's not throwing codes. If the belt is ok then it is most likely the TFI.

  5. It did restart. So I know it's not the timeing belt or anything else that would be "broke". I'll check the TFI module tonight.

  6. What's up 90GT? Good to see another Louisville mustang driver on here! :nice:
  7. re-starting after it cools down is a symptom
  8. my 84 did the exact same thing numerous times and it ended up being the TFI
  9. Is the TFI the samething as a ignition module?
  10. Yes. TFI=Thick Tilm Ignition modual.
    It is attached to the distributer. You will need a special tool to get it out (cheap). Be sure to coat the back of the new TFI with plenty of heat transfer grease.
  11. that happened to me once, didn't know what the hell it was, came home was reading on SN about a similar problem, hell went outside checked it out and she cranked ....weird stuff
  12. That took care of the problem. Replaced it last night. It was 100 degrees today. Drove the car allday with no problems.

    Thanks for the input. :nice: :hail2:
  13. Same thing happend to my Bronco II(125k Miles) infront of target one day. It would turn but wouldnet start, it was the Ignition Moduel (TFI).
  14. mine did this awhile back, fuel pump relay went out or it was bad wiring for it, couldnt figure it out. i cut some wires from my ecu and ran them into a 30 amp fuse. that kept going out so i jus wired it straight to the fuse box.