just seafoamed the car

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  1. I just started the car up after using the seafoam, i waited about a half hour, and it smoked for like 2 seconds and then stopped. Did I do it right? I thought it was supposed to smoke more then that. :shrug:
  2. Is there a wrong way to use sea-foam?
  3. i have heard of people using the wrong place to suck the seafoam up and then it dosent do anything
  4. Seafoam, WTF?
  5. Mine smoked for maybe like 10 seconds if that when I did mine. And I did it through the PCV valve.
  6. Mine smoked for a couple minutes and then slowly went away while I was driving it
  7. Mine smokes like CRAZY :rlaugh:
  8. Mine smoked for about 5 minutes at most. Guess your engine is pretty clean... :flag:
  9. yeah i was kinda hoping it was that i had a clean engine :D
  10. Might want to change your oil now though as a precautionary measure.
  11. Good advice... did you feed it through your intake or mix it with your oil?
  12. it gets into your crank case either way. I seafoamed my car right before changing my oil and sure enough I had seafoam in the oil
  13. I changed my oil too per there instructions eventhough I did it through my intake. Didn't pay attention when I did the oil change.
  14. you mean youve been on stanget this long and dont know what seafoam is?
  15. Haha, I saw that long as thread but I didn't feel like reading it, sounds like it just cleans out your motor and creats a smoke show. Is it harmful to your motor, I don't get it. :SNSign:
  16. yea it basicly cleans out all the built up carbon from the motor, you feed it into your intake manifold through a vacuum hose....
  17. Harmful? HAH. You're a funny guy ;)
  18. I just ran this through my engine yesterday. Used 1/2 a can and the other 1/2 in the gas tank. I put it through the vacuum line to the intake, shut it off. Let sit for 5min (like the can says) and then started it up and took it for a drive around the block and then parked it again.

    I only have 50k on the clock, so can't say i felt much of a difference, but it feels good knowing i cleaned the engine out :nice:

    Sure is fun to use :D