just watched autoline detroit on speed...

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  1. unfortunately it was taped before the detroit show started so we didn't get much info on the 05 mustang :( chris theodore was on there and the only thing said about the 05 was it would be the best performing v6 under $20k and the best bang-for-buck 300hp v8 (and of course he stumbled thru that). I was disappointed that was the only mention.

    and 2 people on there were saying that the new vette was gonna be the show stealer. can't believe I taped that :(
  2. The new Vette will appear to be only slightly changed to most of the general public. I think the new Stang is way more different visually, sort of like the difference between the 1996 and 1997 Vette. Plus more Stangs will be sold as they are within more people price range.

    I wonder when the magazines will finally get their chance to wring the new stangs out. I can't wait to read some articles on their performance and the overal reviews. Seems like a long time before they'll go on sale.
  3. yeah, that's why I was confused as to why they said that the vette would steal the show. not as many people are waiting for this "all new" vette as are waiting for the new stang.

    I would assume the mags won't get the new stangs for quite a while. don't wanna make the 04 look like crap just yet when there's still craploads of unsold 04's out there. sucks for the uninformed cause they'll be buying their 04's and kicking themselves in the pants when the 05s come out
  4. I would be sick for weeks, if I had bought an 04. Of course, I'd probably be living under a rock to not have heard about the 05 stangs before the 04's went on sale.

    I bet 04's show up for sale all over the place a few months after the 05 goes on sale. Of course, most will have to face the reality of their budgets and basic finances.

    Here's a new thread that should be started: Who's selling their 2004 to get a 2005?!!! :rlaugh:
  5. actually I think that thread should be: who in their right mind bought an 04? :)

    but I think this might be good for those people that want a new stang but don't like the 05. should get some good deals on both new and used stangs. I just know I'm ghonna have to sell my 86 for less than I want cause the market will be flooded with used stangs.

    I think ford should have made a lot less stangs this year so there won't be so many sitting around at the dealerships
  6. I was looking at the Boston Globe today and a dealer by the name of Madden Ford in Boston is selling BRAND NEW 2003 Mustang GT convertibles for $22,885. That's real cheap. He has 5 of these 03 Brand New Mustang GT convertibles left over at this LOW LOW price.
  7. I guess some people are sick in the head to think the Vette was going to be a show stopper. They stopped the show alright. So people had time to throwup. I think the Vette was a step backward. The fenders blending into the doors is good. But that front end looks horrible. The only good designers working for GM are over in the Cadillac Division.
  8. I haven't even seen it. guess I'll have to have a look for laughs

    ok well I looked at it and I kinda like it. only thing that bugs me is how its starting to take a slight supercar-ish shape..just look at the front, it just screams wannabe supercar. the back end is too big too. DEFINATELY not a showstopper
  9. According to every public poll I've seen the Mustang was the most liked production car and the Cobra was the most liked concept. Looks like Ford dominated the auto show for the 2nd straight year.