Kenne Bell Supercharger 99-04 Mustang GT

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  1. (This kit was sold, moderator, please close, I sent you a message with that request)

    I have a used Kenne Bell 1.7L Supercharger complete kit including intercooler and pump, KB Boost-A-Pump fuel pump , KB big tube, KB cold air, 70 mm TB, 42 lb injectors, 90 mm MAF sensor, gauges, etc. plus an assembly instruction book. This has everything you need except spark plugs and new intake manifold gaskets. The supercharger comes already bolted to a KB intake manifold with a integral coolant/air intercooler heat exchanger. It is KB's TS1000-99-int '99-04 4.6L 2V INT and is set up for the stock PI heads.

    This will add about 175 to 220 hp to your 4.6L engine, depending on what else you start with. I started with a stock 00 Mustang GT convertible, and the measured HP at the rear wheels went from 225 to 401, running 10 psi. That calculates to 460 hp at the flywheel, or 100 hp per liter. I ran it at the dragstrip one day and before blowing the stock clutch on the 4th run, the best time was 12.99 at 116 mph, with lots of first gear wheel spin. Could have done better with slicks. You will need a 2.5" low restriction exhaust system to support the greater air flow. You don't need headers.

    The total KB cost to me was $6200 original receipt attached, I am asking $2200, you pay the freight or pick it up. USA customers only. If you want me to handle the freight with insurance (UPS ground), I will do it for a total of $2400.

    I will also throw in a bullet proof Spec II+ 550 ft lb clutch & pressure plate that fits with the stock T-45 manual 5 speed, plus an airbag for the right rear tire to help keep it on the ground in first gear. Except for that day at the drag strip, it has 22,000 easy and enjoyable miles on it. Never had any problems with the supercharger, the engine or any of the supercharger system. KB makes good stuff. This was a fun project, but I'm getting old.

    I am located in the Knoxville, Tn. area. Please contact me at [email protected]

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