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  1. i have a kennebell 2.2 flowzilla for a 87-93 mustang asking 1100.00
  2. any pics?, how many miles on it any problems..thanx
  3. yes have pic could send then to u if i had a e-mail and there was no problem just where to a turbo setup
  4. oh anf srry it has about 2500 to 3000 thousands miles on it
  5. location? what all comes with it? GOT CASH IN HAND......
  6. No posts, Joined in July, $1100 for a $3-4K blower, and can't type to save your life.

    Yeah... pics and a LOT more info would be great! :nice:
  7. YEAH! Wut he said above me!
  8. i think i have the pic up now
  9. Dont see it....?????
  10. Nope... no pic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.