Kenny Brown Suspension - Who Here Is Using It?

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  1. I was looking at ordering some Griggs Racing stuff for my car. But after sending two emails with no response and sending one email to Kenny Brown and getting Kenny's right hand man Rich to respond a few hours later I think the customer service at Kenny Brown has won me over.

    I rode in an 89 Mustang convertible with a Kenny Brown level 5 package on it that blew me away. And after researching the Extreme Matrix kit looks really nice so I am having it installed by a local shop in a couple weeks.

    I was wondering who else here has any experience with KB's stuff and what you think about it.

  2. We used to use his stuff back in the late 90s and it was all really good stuff. He's one of the old school Mustang suspension guys with a lot of experience. I would have no problem buying his products.

  3. TeamZ suspension is the best. Dave Z is a top notch guy who will answer any email you throw at him. Kenny Brown was great back in the day, not much from them in the past few years.
  4. Team Z appears to be more drag racing.
  5. Apples and Oranges. Team Z makes straight up drag racing setups.

  6. That's what I though. I am not interested at all in drag racing unless ya want to race me from the finish line back to the staging lanes.
  7. Kenny Brown makes really good stuff. Personally I use Maximum Motorsports because they are local to me and I have had really awesome customer service from them. If I was starting all over I would consider Kenny Brown, MM, or Griggs for a HPDE build.
  8. I really don't think I could go wrong whichever way I go. But I want to pick one and stick with it. Griggs makes some really nice stuff, and I have their lower arms and parts of a panhard bar already. They are just so expensive. I initially thought to go with KB because I thought they were local to me also. But they moved to Chicago I guess. Although it is only a 3 hour drive, I hate Chicago. There is a local guy that used to be a dealer for them. And he is still listed on the KB web site as a dealer. I went and spoke to him and he seems to know his stuff. So I was thinking of letting him install all the stuff that needs welded in. I actually think he would be OK installing any of the big three's stuff.

    Also, there isn't chit left on KB's web site anymore. Even the Fox offerings are slim. I know Kenny went through some health issues and also had some trademark problems with someone ripping off his designs. Griggs is the same way. Their site only has the full kits. To find the individual items you have to search for them. There isn't a direct link to the parts. All this has me wondering who to go with. The only reason I am not considering MM is some smart ### at a Fun Ford event was working the MM booth and he had his head so far up his ### I told myself I wouldn't buy their stuff. There were two other Stangers with me that felt the same way. Both of which were there to buy.

    I like cornering. If I get out in the country on a curvy road I tend to break the law a bit. And after seeing some local Autocross racing I know I would have a blast. So I want to put together a plan and stick with it. I am starting with the chassis. I am ready to buy subframes and have them welded in but I just don't know who to choose.
  9. Kenny spent a lot of time working on the 05+ suspension stuff with his late son Paul's World Challenge BOSS Mustang. They make some really nice stuff.

    As for MM, I was at a SVTOA HPDE event at Buttonwillow and MM was there with their display. My instructor had an AIX Fox with all MM parts who had recently set track records at Buttonwillow. When he drove my 98 he said something wasn't right so he too it to MM. At no charge to me, except missing a run session, they went through my whole suspension checking things out and corner weighted the car. True that was like 7 or so years ago, but still that is huge for a company to do that for a customer. Also the owner personally stood there with me watching the work, talking to me about everything under the sun.
  10. I've got stifflers Subframe connectors fit system well worth the money.
  11. Maximum Motorsport. I have Global West subframe connectors, which doubles as a jacking bar. If I recall, Kenny Brown had those square or rectangular subframe connectors that were not as stiff.
  12. I am still researching and have decided to put this off for a few more weeks until I decide which way I want to go. Kenny Brown is re-designing some of their parts so some components are not available right now. I was told later this year they will have the Panhard bar available again. So I am torn between KB and Griggs. Griggs is a bit more expensive though.
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  13. You cant really go wrong with any of the big name companies. Ive always liked MM because they explain the the technical info behind their suspension components

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  14. Tube steel and box steel have the same strength, there is no difference.