Leaking water under glove box


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Aug 19, 2019
When it rains I'm getting water leaking from under the glove box. Talked to a few guys they say there are gaskets on either side where the water that drain thru the cowl grill will drain out, if those are deteriorated it will leak into the car.

I'm looking at it though and I can't see how to get at it, whats the best way to reach it? Do I have to go in from the interior of the car or do I take the cowl off somehow? This is a 69 btw

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Possible holes rotted in the bottom of the cowl ,this is a common problem . You will have to remove the heater box from inside the car ,it is not a fun job . Once the box is out you can inspect the botom of the cowl . There is a cowl repair kit if the rust is not to bad


Jan 1, 2008
Portland, Oregon
It really helps to understand what you are facing by looking at a car with the cowl top removed. Until then it’s hard to visualize what is underneath there and why.

Youtube has some great video. Most will scare you to death. The "patch" options might work but only if you have holes near the hats.

Worse case is the entire cowl (upper and lower) need to be replaced. It's as expensive as it sounds.

At least on the 1969 model it looks easier (slightly) than the earlier cars.

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