Lets see pictures of your painted 2.3L

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  1. Just painted my 2.3T motor today. Block is 'Ford Red', Manifold is black and turbo is silver along with the accesories and intake! I do not have any pictures to this day but perhaps I'll get some during the week. In the meantime lets see what some of you have done! :banana:
  2. Heres mine. The block is painted Ford engine gray (factory color), and the intake is silver. Thats about all I did, aside from cleaning out the grime and oil. To bad I can already see rust coming through the paint on the block. :nonono:
  3. When I did mine the original plan was for a Ford red block, aluminum painted cylinder head and all polished aluminum parts. It didn't happen due to time constraints, but it still turned out nice.

    Some of the pictures aren't the greatest, but check out my swap album at http://community.webshots.com/user/urbanredneck
  4. Gimme a few months and I'll have pics of mine. Right now what I have planned is to paint the block with red high-temp paint. Upper and lower intakes will be wrinkle finish black. Valve cover is custom painted body color/wrinkle black. Probably gonna paint accessory brackets and pulleys all black, might paint dist. housing black, turbo compressor housing and support bracket were painted with 1200 degree silver paint (baked on). Can't really think of anything else at the moment.
  5. Here is my 89 notch with a 87 TC motor and trans :)

  6. mabye i'll go out to snap some shots of my engine, the block is ford grey, intake is all polished, sandblasted manifold, custom powdercoated merk camcover...etc

  7. Sounds nice, get some pics indeed! I'm still trying to figure out what I'll eventually want to do with mine when I swap, love to see ideas.

  8. Thought I might post up a pic of my valve cover so you guys could see :)
  9. Nice :nice:
  10. That Valve cover is very nice looking Red_LX. I like the color choices.

    Nice engine 78cobra347. Very clean

    bhuff30, yours looks good. Don't be to hard on yourself about the rust. Just the nature of cast iron. It's cleaner than anything I have period.

    Look forward to seeing the pics MSM0075

    Here is a shot of my Valve Cover (not quite finished) and the really dirty engine it's going on.


  11. Not a 2.3 but I think it deserves being on here. After all it would eat all your N/A 2.3's!! :rolleyes:
    its a German 2.0
    and soon it will look something like this.

  12. Cro took this pic of mine over the weekend:

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  13. dang whats up with all this red?? dont you guys know that yellow is faster?
  14. mine got painted with brake parts cleaner :p

  15. Here is my unpainted motor :)

  16. Wow, that RX is super clean. :drool:

  17. Wow is right. VERY nice, man!