"lets see your seats," part 237

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  1. hey guys, winter is basically here and i cant go through another 5 months of freezing azz cold leather seats, i want some fabric racing seats, just wondering what some look like in the car, so guys please, fabric only, or a mix of both.
  2. under 300 for the set/shipped..


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  3. can you get a close up of the fabric, its hard to see it, also is that your logo on the headrest? what other colors are there, how long have you had them, how have they held up, did you get brackets with them?
  4. hey..
    I don't have a closeup of the seats, and can't get any pics now...currently in baghdad...I got them on ebay..and they were hard as hell to put in...they came with brackets, but didn't fit (of course), so I had to drill holes in them, and used my original brackets from the stock seats (retained the power seat!).
    the logo on the top is "e speed racing" he also sells "3a racing" seats. I looked on ebay, and don't see any auctions up for them now...but the guy usually has them up all the time. he has a ton of colors (service from them was terrible), but good seats for the price.
  5. well thanks anyway, i could make out the logo, wasnt sure if that your car club.
    p.s. stay safe bro. :flag:
  6. those are cool, what color are they? i have the charcoal interior and im hesitant about buying black seats
  7. They are black with dark gray accents.