Lets see your sub/amp set-ups!!!

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  1. I am thinking about redesigning my trunk and i want some ideas for sub boxes for 2 12's and amp placements.
  2. Here is mine. i only have 1, 12in sub. My sub amp is on the back side of the amp board.

  3. do you have three amps? I like the idea of mounting the sub like you did on the side of the trunk, kinda like the mach1000 system. I was thinking about trying f.glass some enclosures to really tuck them into sides of the trunk though.
  4. Alpine amps in the fenderwells....2 10" kicker subs facing the rear...spare tire tossed and had a hatch door installed...is a storage compartment for detail supplies at shows (keep them out of sight).

    still enought room for a case of beer and a small duffle bag:shrug:

    I hired pros to do it


    terrible camera-phone pic of the finished product with everything wrapped in leather


    these are better



  5. I have 3 amps. The little one runs the tweeters and the other runs the mids. I also have a 400w mono amp that is on the backside hidden that runs the sub. If you know how to fiberglass it would be a good way to go to get it tucked away. good looking install there 2000BLKGT. i couldnt get rid of my spare, live to far from work and drive it everyday.
  6. Daayuum, That is friggin nice, I like that they did your install in all flat pieces too, no weird curvy boxes and it still looks very custom.The little hatch door is pretty cool too, but I can't get rid of my spare either. Do you ever take any of those pieces out, if so could you trace the side pieces?
  7. Not much but its loud enough for what I listen to. Plus it was a cheap, fun project. I was able to do it in a weekend.

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  8. We installed a JL system in combination with the stock Mach 460 amps and speakers. The system includes the JL 500/1 Monoblock Amp powering the JL 10W7 in a sealed box built to JL specs. I also have my battery in the trunk to clean up the engine bay, therefore I polished my Taylor battery box. The car is awaiting installation of the new Alpine 2006 CDA 9857 deck as well as soon as I get a Saturday when I can get the car to the shop with the weather cooperating.
    Here is the trunk...

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  9. looks good guys, keep em comin'
  10. thanks

    I showed the shop a pick of a 69 Chevelle that I saw at an indoor show in January...it had a similar set up design wise (but had a TV in the floor)...told them I'd like it done like that...so that's what they did.

    Got the spare tire idea from watching My Classic Car a few years ago....some dude with a 50's rod was being profiled and had done that....thought it was cool.

    Sorry..but I don't plan on taking any pieces out any time soon...the shop spent a lot of time getting it all in there...and they did an awsome job...the last thing on my mind would be taking it all out.


    trunk looks sweet there SilverStallion!!!!:nice:
  11. I've only got one sub. It's an Infinity Reference 12". The Sony amp is mounted on back of the box. You can only see it if you fold down the back seats.

    This is how it was when I got it from a friend: Poor carpeting job.

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    This is what I did to it over this past weekend with some help. Ripped off the old carpet and replaced it with Vinyl. Emblems came off my old fenders after the accident. Signature was a huge computer generated stencil and spray-paint.


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  12. like this???
  13. i keep wanting to do something like this but i never want to spend all the money on it... rather spend it on the go fast stuff. there was a cobra convertible a while back that had one crazy install. it was on cardomain. i think it was purple and white...anybody know?
  14. holy crap...yes exactly like that...spooky. do you know who made those and would they make some more? or how much do they cost? whatever the case may be thats exactly what i want, something i can still get to my spare and still fold the seats down if needed.
  15. If you can make a set to house 2 12W6v2 I am interested as well.
  16. Our shop didnt make those, but we are a dealer for them.I cant quote pricing here, but PM me and ill give you the info.

    The box is a pair,,raw, ready for paint or wrapping and only for 05+ right now,1 cu ft. of air space for 1 10" per side.

    others cars/trucks and universal forms available.

  17. I just finsihed building my custom rear seat delete. Here's my setup...

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  19. trunk5sx.jpg

    sorry my car is dirty, it rained a few days ago :(

    12' JL w3v3 on JL 250/1

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