life after the mach, new (used) car

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  1. ta-da :) Fiance got a 99 T/A, so I really didn't want another pushrod to tinker w/. Plus her car scares me and coupled w/ my fire-starting abilities she won't let me work on it ;) Anyway, found a great deal on an '90 turbo 5spd awd talon. Bit different than a classic stang, but it's a fun little car. I guess driving a little crapbox honda got to me, since I wanted a small car. Really couldn't afford to get another classic, since I don't have a garage and I really didn't want to deal with another one right now.

    In the pics it looks pretty dirty, I've yet to really go over the car and clean it up. It only had 2 owners and it drives better than most other dsm's I drove. Needs a few things here and there, but nothing major.



    And finally :)

  2. nice car :nice:

    btw, what does your gf's plate mean?
  3. :lol: No one ever gets it, not sure why we got it. I thought it was clever at the time though :( Extinct T/A. She's gonna change it next time around.
  4. Wow, never thought I'd see the day....guess I'm the last of the local "big" Mustangs now.
  5. electricgreen, too

    minor hijacking: walking around in downtown kirkland at like 3am the other day, saw this white 71 mach rotting away under some guy's carport... :(
  6. whats the latest on the mach ????

    im sory if i missed the thread i havent had the time to be on the boards as much

  7. TaZer, I meant local in the literal sense of the word...close proximity, Mach1one lived only a few hours from Pro3i.

    Never did get a chance to have some fun and run together at Montgomery before the untimely demise of his '73...I will miss seeing that white car represent, as he always did! :(

    ....I think I can still hear a faint heartbeat though
  8. Yeah I miss it too :( Watching the old vids are pretty painful. I have no more updates, as I have no idea where it's at or what my mom plans on doing w/ it.
  9. Congrats on the DSM. They are great cars. Don't listen to what everyone else says. I have a couple friends with daily driven, low 12 second DSM's and they have no problems. If you treat the car right, it'll treat you right. If you are mechanically inclined, that's all the better. I've personally owned two AWD 1G's and loved them. Looking for my third right now.

    If you ever need mechanical help with your car or need ideas for mods, check out and/or

    We've got a gigantic knowledge base between the two sites with a lot of mechanical and vendor insight. It'll definitely make it even more enjoyable to own a DSM.

  10. I guess I am speechless, I don't know what to say except I am so sorry about your car. I must have missed all the action because I had no clue and had to hunt thru old posts to find out about the carbecue, the issues with ins. and that it is in fact your moms car. :eek:

    That's a lot to learn about someone in an hour, I guess I really didn't know you at all. :shrug:

    Good luck with the new ride, and I hope life finds you in the saddle once again soon. :nice:
  11. Your mom got your stang? I let my mom drive my stang to work one day. She came home without it and wouldn't tell me where it was. I still makes one eye twitch when I think about it. I love her though after all it is only a car. Right?

    Good luck with you new vehicle. Those Talons are suppose to be pretty nice. I use to want one pretty bad back in the day.
  12. I think i remember mach saying his mom bought it new.

    jikelly: you think she crashed or sold?
  13. Oh I'm sure his mom is cool, but my mother is hard on cars. The incident with my mother and the last time I ever let her drive my stang resulted in my walking/Rollerblading to work and school for 6 months while I put money together to get a new engine. She blamed it on me for not getting up that morning and changing a flat tire so she could drive her own car.

    A year later she came clean about what happened that morning. She said that she was late for work and so she was driving my car "As fast as it would go" when she saw white smoke coming out of the engine. She was scared that it was going to die on her so she didn't stop to see what was wrong.

    The heater bypass hose had blown and she ran all the water out of the engine. That combined with the speed she continued to maintain burned up the oil and destroyed the engine. When I pulled the pan I found that one of the connecting rods snaped and rammed itself into the side of the block.

    Really I'm glad that it wasn't worse. I'm not even brave enough to drive my car that fast and she could have easily lost it and rolled or hit something killing bothe my stang and herself.
  14. jikelley... i wish i could say i'd be that calm if my parents did something like that to my car...

    mach!!! good to see you!!! the 1st gen DSM are insanely quick, i heard if you upgrade the turbo you can get them into the 12s really cheap, wouldn't know though.

    I hope you stick around the forums, i was always interested in your car and was hoping it'd work out well. WHile that hasn't happened yet, i still hope it will. I'd like to hear any developments that happen with your car(s). Good luck!
  15. Yeah, the 1g's are very easy to get into the 12's. You can actually do it on the stock 14b turbo too!!
    Are you a member on DSMtuners? Im a moderator over there, if you even have any questions ask there and it will get answered.
  16. Hey small world 98TSi. I started going by other names just bc I didn't want to keep living in the past, but yeah I'm mach1one over there too. that board has answered alot of my questions :nice:

    Yeah packy, alot's happened over the past several months w/ my smoked mach :) Hopefully one day I'll get the car back, or at least I'll buy another one but make it better. I just don't have the time or space to dedicate to a classic like I'd like.

    Yeah my mom did buy the car new. But the whole time my dad and I worked on it, she wanted no real part of it. She never wanted to drive it. It seemed like she only wanted to interfere in us working on the car together. She'd lord it over me too much for me to keep wanting to hold on it. In a cynical way, I can at least be happy that she took it back from me but it not even close to being driven.

    Thanks for the replies guys :nice: